Along the River Lys: The Franco-Belgian Border Part Three – Wervik War Memorial

Following the Lys north east, after a couple of miles we arrive in Wervik, another town that, like Comines, straddles the river.  This is the war memorial in the northern, Belgian part of Wervik, and like all of these memorials along the Franco-Belgian border, it commemorates both military and civilian casualties from both World Wars.

Update September 21st 2011:  Baldrick reports that the memorial has GONE!!  One would hope that ‘moved’ will turn out to be the correct verb, but until we hear from Mrs Baldrick, who has offered to conduct the search, the mystery will remain unsolved.

Update August 2014:  Baldrick now tells me that it is in storage until after the new Wervik bridge is built.  We shall see.

Update June 2016:  No further updates!!

Click here for Part Four.

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