Ringmore – All Hallows Church

One of the most beautiful memorials in Devon is this stained-glass window (above and below) at Ringmore church, the background of which pays tribute to all three services with, above the kneeling figure, soldiers crossing No Man’s Land and a British biplane circling above, while to the right the Royal Navy waits offshore (and what’s the betting there’s a tank hiding behind the Royal British Legion flag?).  Pity I din’t get better photos really.

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2 Responses to Ringmore – All Hallows Church

  1. Claire Stoyle says:

    at last I have found my great uncle’s memorial – it’s a mystery to its place as so far as I know he never lived in this area.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Sometimes it is really really difficult to find out the reasons that a name appears on a particular memorial. I know of one name on a memorial that is only there because the deceased’s wife owned a property in the area! And you didn’t mention which name is your Great Uncle’s?

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