South of Ploegsteert Part Three – Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery

Just a couple of hundred yards east of Gunners Farm, on the opposite side of the road, lies the third cemetery on our tour – Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery.  Begun late in November 1914 by men of the Essex Regiment (a single grave of a Royal Lancaster Regiment man, now situated near the rear of the cemetery, had been here since late October), the cemetery was used on a regular basis until September 1915.  Thereafter it was used only sporadically, most notably in June and July 1916 when a number of men from the Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) and the Queen’s Own (West Kent) Regiments were buried here, until the final burial was made in January 1917.

If we were to stroll a further mile down the road we would be standing where the front lines ran for much of the war.

All of the 218 burials in the cemetery are identified.

The Cemetery Plan, courtesy of the CWGC, can be viewed here:

Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery Plan

Looking east towards the Cross of Sacrifice with Plot IV Row A nearest the camera and the first three rows of Plot I beyond.  Plot IV contains the later burials made here, alongside 20 men of the Worcester Regiment who all died between the end of April and early June 1915.

By the end of April 1915 the Essex Regiment had buried 85 of their men in this little cemetery…

…and the Monmouthe 45.  This view from the northern corner looks south east across Plot I, by far the largest of the four plots.

View from the same spot as the previous picture, this time looking south west.  Plot IV, which we shall visit next, is in the background.

Two of a handful of men of the Royal West Kent Regiment who were buried here in July 1916.  Left to right:


On the evening of 24th June 1916, after a quiet day in the trenches, the Germans began a bombardment of the Queen’s positions not far from here.  Eight men buried in Plot IV tell the tale of that night, as does the Battalion War Diary (courtesy of the Surrey History Centre):

The final three burials in the cemetery, left to right:


Plot III, at the back of the cemetery, is made up of 22 men of The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), who died between July and September 1915.

Plot III Row D, the final Buffs burials from September 1915.

Plot II consists of five men of the Suffolk Regiment, alongside three more Essex men, all buried here in July 1915.  Plot III is in the background.

View from the eastern corner of the cemetery, looking west (above), and north west (below).

Should you ever visit Calvaire and should you decide to take a wander round the back of the cemetery (below), as I did, I suggest you take great care; the picture above doesn’t really show it, but there is a huge drop down through these trees that would do you serious damage were you to lose your footing.  Anyway, time to move on.  Still three more cemeteries to visit before the end of the tour.

Next stop: Motor Car Corner Cemetery.

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8 Responses to South of Ploegsteert Part Three – Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery

  1. Clare Davies says:

    found your impressive blog through Google – just wanted to say thank you for these photos which show my grandfather’s uncle’s grave. It’s the first opportunity he has had for seeing the grave of his mum’s favourite brother – Dickie Jones. Keep up the sterling work!

  2. Magicfingers says:

    That’s brilliant Clare. I am so pleased. Thanks ever so for your kind comments.

  3. Joe Orgar says:

    I must thank you for a great web site and photographs.

    This is the area where my grandad was in August 1915 with the 6th Buffs.

    Did you manage to identify where Despierre farm is in this area?

    • chris Price says:

      Hi Joe, do you know much as to what the 6th Buffs were doing in the area at the time. I am doing a little research on HC Friend of the Buffs who is buried in this cemetery

  4. Magicfingers says:

    Hello Joe. Thanks very much indeed for your kind comments, and to answer your question, I certainly did. Click on the Tour Maps link up near the top of the page. You will see I have put a yellow marker on the map just east of Calvaire; this was the site of Despierre Farm, and yes, it is quite deliberately placed just to the west of where the new farm now stands.

  5. chris Price says:

    Hi Joe
    any knowledge as to what the 6th Buffs were doing here I have an interest in HC Friend, the Buffs buried here.

  6. John Watkins says:

    Visited Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery in April 2014 to pay respects at the grave of Pte. Bertie Boosey, 2nd Bn Essex Regt, died 16/04/1915 near here. Bertie is named on the Foulness Island War Memorial in Essex and is a family relative on my maternal grandmothers side. hope to vist again, on the centenary of his death, this time with trench map and Bn War Diary to hand. Thanks for this site and photos.

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