Arras – The Resistance Memorial


Night time in the Grand Place, Arras.


And day time, after the rain.


20160512_203522A bite to eat in the Place des Héros, Le Beffroi d’Arras (the Belfry of Arras), voted France’s favourite monument in 2015 (you didn’t know that, did you?), in the background.

20160512_204122Beneath the arches, there’s a little memorial that I’d like to show you.


It remembers the men of the Arras Resistance who gave their lives for France during the Second World War.



Executed men…


…and other resistance fighters, male and female, who died during the occupation.




Nice to see British poppies at a French memorial.

20160512_204354   20160512_204334

A beautifully understated little memorial in my opinion.  I believe, by the way, that somewhere inside this building there is another entrance to the Boves of Arras, the caverns and tunnels beneath the city that the British used before the Battle of Arras in April 1917, similar to, and connected with, the ones we visited a few posts back to the south east of the city.

20160511_184705Elsewhere in Arras.  You have to keep your eyes peeled.  Nobody else spotted this.  But I did.  Smartass.

20160512_214529Evening draws in at the Place des Héros.

20160512_204118The cyclist’s nightmare – the dreaded pavé.

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