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St. Luke’s Church, Stone Cross & Westham War Memorial

The church of St Luke at Stone Cross, built as a memorial to a Lieutenant Colonel Charles William Owen, who died in 1922, was opened in 1929 as a chapelry of St. Mary’s Church in nearby Westham, long before eventually … Continue reading

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Austro-Hungarian Hand Grenades of the Great War Part Two – The Ball Rohr Stielhandgranate

This is the Ball Rohr Stielhandgranate (stick grenade), once attached to a cardboard handle (as in the replica inset), remnants of which you can still see inside the ball in the main picture. 

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A Quartet of Curious French Postcards

I shan’t be saying much about these cards.

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Knoddishall War Memorial

Another locked church, but we do have a war memorial.

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‘How It Feels To Be Shot’

‘Then there came a crash. It sounded to me like someone had dropped a glass bottle into a porcelain bathtub. A barrel of whitewash tipped over and it seemed that everything in the world turned white.’ 

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Arras – London Cemetery, Neuville Vitasse

How about we start the New Year with a random cemetery visit?  I happened to find myself here last summer, at this burial ground a few miles south east of Arras – I’ll show you a map in a while … Continue reading

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The Men Who Came Home – A Memorial Part Fourteen – The Middlesex Regiment

Men of the Middlesex Regiment, three privates and a lance corporal, later in life. 

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