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Arras – 9th April 1917: A Walk to Observation Ridge

The spire of Arras church rises tallest on the horizon in this photograph, taken using the zoom, as we look west towards the city from what was once known as Observation Ridge.

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Arras – Roclincourt Military Cemetery

Two and a half miles due north of the centre of the city of Arras, Roclincourt Military Cemetery is one of four cemeteries in the environs of Roclincourt, although the only one actually in the village itself.

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The Arras Memorial & Faubourg d’Amiens Cemetery

Before we leave the city of Arras, it would be remiss of us not to pay our respects at the Arras Memorial.

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Arras – The Resistance Memorial

Night time in the Grand Place, Arras.

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Arras War Memorial

The inscription above the Poilu remembers the ‘Children of Arras, Dead in the Defense of Right’.

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Arras – Heninel Communal Cemetery Extension

Seven miles south east of Arras, and now just to the east of the A1 – the Autoroute du Nord – the village of Heninel was captured by the British on 12th April 1917, four days into the Battle of … Continue reading

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Arras – The Battle of Arras Memorial & La Carrière Wellington

If you follow the D917 south out of Arras towards Bapaume, you soon find yourself passing through the district of Ronville which, once upon a time, consisted of just a few houses clinging to the side of the road.  Today … Continue reading

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