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Mont Kemmel Part One – Vierstraat: Kemmel Demarcation Stone No. 2

Mont Kemmel, or the Kemmelberg, photographed after the war from the road between Kemmel and La Clytte. 

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Lankhof Farm Demarcation Stone & Bunkers

The road leads north to Ypres (Ieper), less than two miles ahead of us, but, as with so many places in Flanders, if you keep your eyes peeled, there are things to see on the way.

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A Tour of Boesinghe Part Twenty One – Pilkem Demarcation Stone

The penultimate stop on our tour finds us across the fields from the industrial estate, where another of the nineteen Demarcation Stones still to be found on the roadsides of Belgium, this one is sited alongside the Pilkemseweg about a … Continue reading

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A Tour of Boesinghe Part Nine – Lizerne Demarcation Stone & Belgian Carabiniers Plaque

A mile and a half north of Boesinghe we find ourselves in the centre of the little village of Lizerne, about 900 hundred yards west of the Yser Canal, where, at the crossroads at its centre, another Demarcation Stone shows … Continue reading

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A Tour of Boesinghe Part Seven – Boesinghe Demarcation Stone, Klene Berta & Boesinghe Château

Arriving in the centre of Boesinghe, our attention turns briefly to 1918, as we spot another of the nineteen Demarcation Stones that can still be found in Belgium to this day.

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The Somme – Villers-Bretonneux Part One: Villers-Bretonneux Demarcation Stone

Surprise surprise!  We find ourselves back on the Somme, but not, this time, to explore the battlefields of 1916.  We are heading towards Villers-Bretonneux, where the Australian National Memorial, on what was once known simply as Hill 104, towers above … Continue reading

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Travels on the Somme Part Ten – Albert

The rolling plains of Picardy.

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