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Coming Soon to a Website Near You!

For those of you currently struggling with all things grenades, here’s a cemetery for you (grenades, cemeteries, that’s some weird site you got there, boy). 

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Mont Kemmel Part Thirteen – The French Ossuary

This is the French ossuary on the western slopes of the Kemmelberg. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Twelve – On Mont Kemmel Part One: The Heroic Hill

A little French booklet that I picked up for a song earlier this year (from France, via Abe Books, no extra tax, thank you very much).  Published in 1920, and entirely appropriate to our current tour, this post features some … Continue reading

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Mont Kemmel Part Eleven – The Kemmelberg

Mont Kemmel, sometime in the early 20th Century. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Ten – Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery

It’s getting late in the day as we arrive at the entrance to Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Nine – Kemmel Churchyard

Before the war, Kemmel church looked like this. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Eight – La Laiterie Military Cemetery

Half a mile south of the American Memorial we visited last post, we find La Laiterie Military Cemetery. 

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