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Mont Kemmel Part Seven – U.S. 27th & 30th Divisions Memorial

Although the American Expeditionary Force began arriving in Europe in June 1917, their main area of operations would be the Meuse-Argonne region of north eastern France, and it is far less well known that four American divisions fought in Flanders … Continue reading

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Mont Kemmel Part Six – French 32nd Division Memorial

See.  Evening.

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Mont Kemmel Part Five – Godezonne Farm Cemetery

A favourite little cemetery of mine, looking golden in the autumn sunshine. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Four – Vierstraat: Klein-Vierstraat British Cemetery

Mont Kemmel.  Now. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Three – Vierstraat: Kemmel No. 1 French Cemetery

Up these steps we shall find Kemmel No. 1 French Cemetery.

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Mont Kemmel Part Two – Vierstraat: Suffolk Cemetery

The first cemetery on this tour is Suffolk Cemetery, not to be confused with Suffolk Cemetery, La Rolanderie Farm, which is an entirely different cemetery in an entirely different country.

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Mont Kemmel Part One – Vierstraat: Kemmel Demarcation Stone No. 2

Mont Kemmel, or the Kemmelberg, photographed after the war from the road between Kemmel and La Clytte. 

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