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Coxyde Military Cemetery, 29th August 2014

This one’s for you, John.

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The Fovant Badges

Carnage on the roads last weekend necessitated a lengthy diversion which took me past the famous Fovant Badges, so I could hardly pass up the opportunity to take a couple of photos.

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Six Months Update

Those of you who have been paying attention will be aware of a slight altercation that occurred at the end of last year between me and the river that runs not so far from my front door.  You will also … Continue reading

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Not Flanders Fields…

You are witnessing a rare occurrence on this site.  The memorial you see perched atop the hill in this photograph has nothing whatsoever to do with the Great War…

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In Memorium

Interesting plaque I noticed whilst passing through the town of Clay Cross in North East Derbyshire this afternoon.

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Flemish Fields

Hello all, Baldrick here. Surely you’ve seen my picture taken in posts past. M and I have been visiting countless cemeteries throughout the South-West of Flanders in the last, oh say, 8 years, all the way down to the North … Continue reading

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And Still Men Die

Spare a thought, good people, for the two workers killed earlier today when a shell exploded on a construction site near Ieper (Ypres), and of their injured colleagues, one of whom is now in hospital fighting for his life. The … Continue reading

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