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Christmas Greetings

Somewhere, the future’s brighter.  Have a safe one, folks.

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Ten Years After

On 27th November 2010 I posted this single photograph of Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery, with just three words, ‘In Flanders Fields’, typed beneath it. 

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Another Website Update

TheBigNote has reached a bit of a milestone today.  When I unleashed this website on an unsuspecting public back in late 2010 I reckoned there might be a few people out there who would find it of interest.  It certainly … Continue reading

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Website Update Update

The largest unexploded shell I have encountered on my travels.  And your comments have returned.  Thank you Baldrick.

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Website Update

Hello boys & girls.  You may or may not have noticed, but all your comments have disappeared!  Actually, they haven’t disappeared, but it seems we have a slight glitch since the site was recently updated and the comments are failing … Continue reading

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A Little Light Reading

There are a few of you that I know of who are still around from the very early days of this website (and thank you so much), and, hopefully, a few more that I am maybe not aware of, but … Continue reading

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A Stroll along the Mole or “Wanna see some Tank Traps?”

To which the answer is always a resounding “Yes”.  And who knows what else one might see on the way?  Twenty years ago people would have flocked from all over the country to see one of these.  Now I spot … Continue reading

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