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The Propaganda of Conscription Down Under Part One – The Referendum of 1916

The issue of conscription was one that all the countries of the Commonwealth would have to deal with at some point during the Great War, and Australia was no different. 

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The Army Postal Service – Censor’s Stamps

The Haldane Reforms of the early 20th Century saw the winds of change sweep through the British military.  Richard Haldane, Secretary of State for War between 1905 & 1912 (and Lord Chancellor for three years thereafter), had introduced a huge … Continue reading

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The Final Weekly Postcard No. 60

And so we come to the last Weekly Postcard, which is a mega-bonanza of a postcard post, and brings the total number of cards I have shared with you since we began the Daily Postcard series seventeen weeks ago to … Continue reading

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The Weekly Postcard No. 59

The penultimate Weekly Postcard features dreams of home and parting, which, as we all know, is such sweet sorrow.

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The Weekly Postcard No. 58

A handful of classic humorous British cards this week.  Products of a bygone era, they really don’t require any accompanying text from me.

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The Weekly Postcard No. 57

On 18th August 1917, at about three in the afternoon, according to the official report, a spark from a kitchen fire ignited a pile of straw and burned down half a city. 

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The Weekly Postcard No. 56

Oh, I do like a romantic poem.  And these two look suitably well-matched, wouldn’t you say?

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