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The Menin Road – The 18th Division & Gloucestershire Regiment Memorials

We’ve been here before.  Many times, actually*.  This is the Menin Road, and we are heading east, towards Hooge on the horizon.

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The Menin Road – Hellfire Corner Demarcation Stone

Nineteen of these Demarcation Stones still exist across Belgium, originally erected in the 1920s to either mark the extent of the last German offensive that finally petered out in July 1918, or the point of departure from which the Allies … Continue reading

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Menin Road South Military Cemetery

A wet afternoon, just a few hundred yards east of the Menin Gate, finds us at Menin Road South Military Cemetery. 

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Kruiseik War Memorial

The village of Kruiseik, situated just south of the Menin Road about a mile east of Geluveld, was captured by the Germans, after several days of heavy fighting, on 29th October 1914, and remained in their hands until recaptured by … Continue reading

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The Menin Road – Birr Cross Roads Cemetery

Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, situated on the south side of the Menin Road a few hundred yards east of the once infamous Hellfire Corner.  Birr Cross Roads was as far as wheeled transport was allowed to go during the period … Continue reading

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The Menin Road & Hill 62

The Menin Road, 2013.  Somewhat different to, and considerably safer than, a hundred years, or thereabouts, ago.  How many photos have you seen taken from this viewpoint during the first three years of the War?  Not that many, I would … Continue reading

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The Menin Road – Hill 62 Museum Trenches

Shells and shell holes. Trenches. Even shattered tree stumps, now a shrine for tourists or pilgrims. These trenches appear to be part of the British front line system as it wound its way through the southern part of Sanctuary Wood … Continue reading

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