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Longueval War Memorial & the Pipers Memorial

Longueval war memorial, on one side of the crossroads in the centre of the village.

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Longueval Road Cemetery

Longueval Road Cemetery, with Bernafay Wood away to the south, and the spire of Montauban Church visible among the trees on the horizon to the right.

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Montauban – Bernafay Wood British Cemetery

Bernafay Wood British Cemetery is situated alongside the D197 near the north west corner of Bernafay Wood, about half a mile across the fields north east of Montauban.

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A Brief Stop in Montauban – The Liverpool & Manchester Pals Memorial

In the centre of Montauban there’s a small memorial which remembers the men of the Liverpool and Manchester Pals who captured the village on 1st July 1916.

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The 8th East Surreys at Montauban – Billie Nevill & Carnoy Military Cemetery

One of the most famous incidents of the Battle of the Somme, indeed of the Great War itself, took place here in these fields at the southern end of the British-held sector of the Somme exactly one hundred years ago … Continue reading

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Thiepval – Mill Road Cemetery

Interesting place, Mill Road Cemetery.

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Thiepval – Connaught Cemetery

Beneath the trees at the north eastern edge of Thiepval Wood, this is Connaught Cemetery.

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