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A Return Walk in the Palingbeek

It’s the afternoon of Armistice Day 2018, and the Palingbeek looks glorious in the late autumn sunshine. 

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A Tour of Zillebeke Update

Some five years ago now, I published a series of eight posts taking you round the cemeteries south of Zillebeke lake, its rather ungainly title, ‘A Tour of Zillebeke (South)’, being at least accurate, if hardly tongue-tripping.  Since then, Baldrick … Continue reading

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A Peaceful Christmas to One and All

Snowy Flanders fields, north east of Zillebeke lake.  Happy Christmas everyone.  Thanks for tuning in this year.  This little site has been up and running for five years now, but it would all be a little pointless without you lot.  … Continue reading

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A Tour of Zillebeke Part Four – Zillebeke Demarcation Stone

Fifty yards to the east of Blauwepoort Farm Cemetery, another of the nineteen Demarcation Stones still to be found in Belgium can be seen on this traffic island at the turn-off that leads to Zillebeke village.  They were erected in … Continue reading

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A Tour of Zillebeke Extra – A Walk in the Palingbeek

Parts of the Palingbeek remain relatively unknown, even today, to many visitors to the battlefields of the Great War in Flanders.  Even those who come to pay their respects to the men buried in the British cemeteries on the high … Continue reading

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A Tour of Zillebeke Part Eleven – Tuileries British Cemetery

No more than a couple of hundred yards south of Perth Cemetery (China Wall), in the outskirts of Zillebeke, another British cemetery can be found behind these houses to the west of the road.

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A Tour of Zillebeke Part Ten – Perth Cemetery (China Wall)

You may remember, way back in Part Two of this tour, that I mentioned that we would find ourselves north east of Zillebeke Lake later in the year, and as you can see, we most certainly have! Sited next to … Continue reading

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