High Wood


On my recent trip to the Somme with the Friends of the Surrey Infantry Museum, as well as paying our respects at a number of cemeteries on the battlefield, most of personal interest to members of our group, we also visited some of the locations where the Surrey regiments found themselves in action. Continue reading

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High Wood – London Cemetery & Extension


First view of High Wood, our objective the large cemetery you can just see through the windscreen reflection on the far right.  This was the first time I had set eyes on the wood and, knowing what happened here, it was spine-chilling just to see the place… Continue reading

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Mametz Wood – Flatiron Copse Cemetery


A few hundred yards north of the 38th Welsh Division Memorial, Flatiron Copse Cemetery is situated alongside the road at the north eastern edge of Mametz Wood. Continue reading

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Mametz Wood – The 38th Welsh Division Memorial


The fortified German villages of Fricourt and Mametz had both fallen by day two of the Somme offensive, but the subsequent capture of Mametz Wood and, a little to the west, the village of Contalmaison, were essential to the next planned phase of the British offensive; the Battle of Bazentin Ridge. Continue reading

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Longueval – Delville Wood: The South African National Memorial & the Last Tree


The South African (Delville Wood) National Memorial, unveiled in October 1926 by, among others, General James Herzog, Prime Minister of South Africa, and Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, to remember the South Africans who served and died in all theatres of operations during the Great War.  It now also includes those who served in the Second World War and the Korean War. Continue reading

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Longueval – Delville Wood Cemetery


Delville Wood Cemetery, with a glimpse of the South African National Memorial in the right background; we shall visit the memorial next post (there you go, Steven). Continue reading

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Longueval War Memorial & the Pipers Memorial


Longueval war memorial, on one side of the crossroads in the centre of the village. Continue reading

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