Travels on the Somme – The Butte de Warlencourt


The Butte de Warlencourt from the Albert-Bapaume road. Continue reading

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A Peaceful Christmas to One and All


Snowy Flanders fields, north east of Zillebeke lake.  Happy Christmas everyone.  Thanks for tuning in this year.  This little site has been up and running for five years now, but it would all be a little pointless without you lot.  As far as 2016 is concerned, we shall continue our travels in French Flanders, later visiting Fromelles and Nieppe, as well as a considerable number of cemeteries to the north and north east of Ieper that I have yet to show you.  Plus some more Somme stuff.  Hopefully it will keep you informed and entertained.  So from Baldrick and me, hope 2015 was a good one, and hope 2016 is even better.  Cheers!

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The Nursery Part Five – Brewery Orchard Cemetery


A dank day and a rather dank place, I’m afraid to say.  This is Brewery Orchard Cemetery, and there used to be an orchard here.  And presumably a brewery. Continue reading

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The Nursery Part Four – Bois-Grenier War Memorial


Back in French Flanders, you may remember that we had embarked on a tour of the cemeteries to the south and south east of the border town of Armentières, an area referred to by the Australians in 1916 as the ‘Nursery’.  Our tour goes from south to north, beginning at Y Farm Military Cemetery and visiting White City Cemetery and Bois-Grenier Communal Cemetery, should you wish to refresh your memory, before our next stop, which now finds us in the centre of Bois-Grenier itself.  As we are here, it seems only right and proper that we pay our respects at the village war memorial before we visit the next cemetery on our itinerary. Continue reading

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Travels on the Somme Part Nine – Aveluy British Cemetery (Lancashire Dump)


Our final visit to the Somme battlefield for the moment takes us to another cemetery situated in the valley of the River Ancre, a little way south of Ancre British Cemetery and the village of Hamel. Continue reading

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Travels on the Somme Part Eight – Hamel Village & Ancre British Cemetery


Our next stop takes us to the valley of the River Ancre and Ancre British Cemetery, where more than 2500 British soldiers are buried. Continue reading

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Travels on the Somme Part Seven – The Battlefield of Beaumont-Hamel: Newfoundland Memorial Park


Half a mile south of our last visit to the Beaumont-Hamel battlefield, we now find ourselves just to the south west of the village, where part of the ground fought over was purchased by the Newfoundland Government soon after the war, and has been preserved ever since. Continue reading

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