Mont Kemmel Part Sixteen – Locre No.10 Cemetery

Locre No.10 Cemetery can be found about six hundred yards north of our previous stop in Dranouter, and not much further south of the village of Loker, as it is now known.  Continue reading

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Mont Kemmel Part Fifteen – Dranoutre Military Cemetery

Now there’s an interesting, if curious, still-life for you.  Continue reading

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The Men Who Came Home – A Memorial Part Eleven – The Royal Navy

Another postcard for you, although what you see is what you get; I have no information whatsoever about these men, the reverse of the card being blank.  Nice picture though, don’t you think?  Continue reading

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Mont Kemmel Part Fourteen – Dranouter Churchyard & War Memorial

Appropriately, on Remembrance Sunday, it’s time for us to return to the battlefields of Kemmel, where the churchyards and military cemeteries still tell their sad tale of death and sorrow.  We begin Part Two of our tour at the rebuilt Dranoutre (now Dranouter) church, a mile and a half south west of Mont Kemmel.  Continue reading

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Austro-Hungarian Hand Grenades of the Great War – The Rohr Stielhandgranate

A few years back I showed you this, the head of an Austrian Rohr Stielhandgranate.  Continue reading

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The Rifle Grenade Part Three (or German Grenades of the Great War Part Eight) – The Karabingranate M17

The Germans’ response to the French Viven-Bessière grenade we looked at last time was the Karabingranate M17, introduced in 1917.  Continue reading

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The Rifle Grenade Part Two (or French Grenades of the Great War Part Four) – The Viven-Bessière Grenade

Here’s a neat, but deadly, little thing.  Continue reading

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