Etaples Military Cemetery

One of the great things about not reading a tour itinerary properly (or having a lousy memory) is that sometimes you find yourself somewhere you had no idea that you were going to be, and if that happens to be somewhere you had always wanted to be, then so much the better. Continue reading

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Having just returned from a few days r ‘n’ r in pastures old (Essex) and new (Suffolk) – for those of you who read the Back in Blighty posts, new categories for both counties will be appearing in due course – here’s a single photo, for the moment, from the trip.  Not exactly what you would normally expect to find in your local church.  Unless this is your local church, of course.  Anyway, what could it be?  Answers on a post card, etc etc.

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Muslim Burial Ground Peace Garden – Inaugural Commemoration Service 16th July 2017

Last Sunday I was an invited guest at the Inaugural Commemoration Service of the Muslim Burial Ground Peace Garden on Horsell Common, Woking, and there follows a photographic record of the afternoon. Continue reading

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The Somme: Thiepval – Mouquet (Mucky) Farm

Our final Somme post, at least until I get the chance to pay another visit, is a bit of a curiosity, in that there are only a handful of photos, and all were taken from a moving automobile.  Nonetheless, Mouquet Farm was a crucial German strongpoint during the summer of 1916, and as the photos came out okay, I might as well use the opportunity to impart a few facts about the battle for the farm.  The signpost above, in the centre of Pozières, directs us north west off the main Albert-Bapaume road towards Thiepval and the Thiepval Memorial, just under two miles away. Continue reading

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The Somme: Amiens – General Philippe Leclerc & French Resistance Memorials


Wandering the streets of Amiens, as you do, one wet afternoon… Continue reading

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The Somme: Villers-Bretonneux Part Four – Crucifix Corner Cemetery

The final destination on our tour of Villers-Bretonneaux can be found nestled among this small outcrop of trees and bushes a short distance south of the town (you can see the church spire on the horizon near the centre of the picture). Continue reading

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The Somme: Villers-Bretonneux Part Three – Adelaide Cemetery

Adelaide Cemetery was begun in June 1918 by Australian units holding the line at Villers-Bretonneaux. Continue reading

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