Perth Cemetery (China Wall)


Another of the many cemeteries to be found in the Zillebeke area, Perth Cemetery (China Wall) was begun by French troops in November 1914, and it was not until June 1917 that the first British burials were made here, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) becoming the first non-French troops to use the cemetery.  Between June and October 1917 some 130 British burials were made in what is now Plot I, but as the tide of war moved east, slowly and bloodily, towards the Passchendaele ridge, the cemetery became redundant.  It was only after the war that the number of burials was hugely increased as men, some French but the majority British, were brought here from battlefield graves, and a considerable number of smaller cemeteries, for reinterment. Continue reading

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The Tower of London 11-11-2014


It seemed appropriate, on this particular day, to be here. Continue reading

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The Menin Road – The 18th Division & Gloucestershire Regiment Memorials


We’ve been here before.  Many times, actually*.  This is the Menin Road, and we are heading east, towards Hooge on the horizon. Continue reading

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The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing


“They sleep around us in hallowed ground”.

Welcome, my friends, to the internet’s biggest, if nothing else, photographic look around the Menin Gate.  Ever. Continue reading

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Tidworth Military Cemetery


Just north of the garrison town of Tidworth in south east Wiltshire, Tidworth Military Cemetery contains burials from both World Wars, as well as later conflicts in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.  There are more than 400 First World War burials here, the majority men who were killed in accidents at the training camps that were sited on Salisbury Plain during the war, or who died of illness at two nearby military hospitals, one in Tidworth itself and the other at Fargo Camp a few miles away to the west.

Oh, and yes, I lied when I said recently that this post would not appear on the home page.  Tidworth Military Cemetery is an important, unusual, and relatively unknown place, and it deserves to be seen more widely. Continue reading

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Poelkapelle – Ypres Salient Tank Memorial


Just next to the roundabout on which the Guynemer Memorial stands, this little brick memorial remembers the 243 men of the Tank Corps who were killed in the Salient during the Great War. Continue reading

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Poelkapelle – The Guynemer Memorial


Passing through Poelkapelle, heading for home after a long day tracing the old front lines south from Nieuwpoort down to Dixmuide*, Baldrick was persuaded to make one final stop, at this fine memorial to the French airman Georges Guynemer. Continue reading

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