The Men Who Came Home – A Memorial Part One

So it’s a new year, and, thank heavens, 2020 is behind us.  Lots of interesting stuff coming this year, whether I manage to get across the Channel or not, because there are still loads of places I have visited that I have yet to feature on this site.  However, we begin with a very important post that, although short, has been a long time in the making.  This picture shows smiling Tommies at Fleurbaix in May 1916, in the weeks leading up to the Battle of Fromelles.  Every photograph of men such as these, at least for me, begs the question, somewhere in the back of my mind, as to the circumstances of their fate?  How many of these seven men survived the war? How many survived the upcoming battle?  Did any of them live happily ever after?  Continue reading

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Poperinge Part Eleven – Gwalia Cemetery

Before we begin a new tour, and we really shall be doing so soon, here’s an addition to our tour of the Great War sites in and around Poperinge.  We’re a couple of miles to the north east of the town today, and that’s Gwalia Cemetery in the distance.  Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings

Somewhere, the future’s brighter.  Have a safe one, folks.

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British Military Headstones – Personal Inscriptions No. 1

There is one aspect of British military headstones that we have yet to consider, and that is the personal inscriptions sometimes to be found at their base.  The majority of headstones have no personal inscription, but a significant number do, and as, for some pilgrims, these are the most poignant aspect of a cemetery visit, it would be remiss of me to ignore them.  Continue reading

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British Military Headstones – The Rareties Part Three: A Question of Crosses & Other Variations

We near the end of this series of posts with a look at some of the less common headstones, or groups of headstones, all marking the graves of identified men, that you might find on your travels among the British military cemeteries of the Western Front.  Continue reading

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Ten Years After

On 27th November 2010 I posted this single photograph of Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery, with just three words, ‘In Flanders Fields’, typed beneath it.  Continue reading

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British Military Headstones – The Rareties Part Two: Duhallow Blocks

Continuing our look at the special memorials one might find in British military cemeteries on the Western Front, this is what is known as a Duhallow Block. Continue reading

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