Poelkapelle – Ypres Salient Tank Memorial


Just next to the roundabout on which the Guynemer Memorial stands, this little brick memorial remembers the 243 men of the Tank Corps who were killed in the Salient during the Great War. Continue reading

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Poelkapelle – The Guynemer Memorial


Passing through Poelkapelle, heading for home after a long day tracing the old front lines south from Nieuwpoort down to Dixmuide*, Baldrick was persuaded to make one final stop, at this fine memorial to the French airman Georges Guynemer. Continue reading

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Hellfire Corner Demarcation Stone


Nineteen of these Demarcation Stones still exist across Belgium, originally erected in the 1920s to either mark the extent of the last German offensive that finally petered out in July 1918, or the point of departure from which the Allies launched their final, successful, onslaught against the Germans in August, depending on which point of view you prefer to take.  Perhaps the most famous is this one at the roundabout that was once the crossroads known as Hellfire Corner.  Note the sign to the right of the road showing that we are just leaving the outskirts of Ieper. Continue reading

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Coxyde Military Cemetery, 29th August 2014


This one’s for you, John. Continue reading

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One in a Million

2271_10_23 folio 470B Photo Ba

Edward Hughes, circa 1900.  One in a million. Continue reading

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The Fovant Badges


Carnage on the roads last weekend necessitated a lengthy diversion which took me past the famous Fovant Badges, so I could hardly pass up the opportunity to take a couple of photos. Continue reading

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Six Months Update


Those of you who have been paying attention will be aware of a slight altercation that occurred at the end of last year between me and the river that runs not so far from my front door.  You will also recall that I lost.  Heavily.  Well here we are, six months down the line, and this, my friends, is the current state of affairs: Continue reading

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