A Few Days in Flanders, January 2017

So, Back in Blighty already.  I tell you, these trips to Flanders just fly by. Continue reading

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O Lucky Man

You want to know what the weather was like in Flanders today?  Allow me to introduce you to the first clouds of the day, as the sun sets over Polygon Wood Cemetery.  A mere 710 photos taken on day uno with the new camera.  Tomorrow, across the border to Erquinghem-Lys, and then we head for Laventie.  More of the same, please.

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French Flanders: Armentières, Nieppe & Steenwerck Part Two – Pont-de-Nieppe German Military Cemetery


At the far north western end of Pont-de-Nieppe Communal Cemetery, beneath the willow trees, 790 German Great War casualties are buried in one of a number of small German cemeteries to be found in this part of French Flanders. Continue reading

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French Flanders: Armentières, Nieppe & Steenwerck Part One – Pont-de-Nieppe Communal Cemetery


The road from Armentières north west to Bailleul passes through a number of small communities each of which, it won’t surprise you to hear, host their own CWGC cemetery. Continue reading

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French Flanders – Suffolk Cemetery, La Rolanderie Farm

Happy New Year folks.  Let’s return to the Nursery.


Suffolk Cemetery, La Rolanderie Farm, can be found in the middle of the fields a few hundred yards south of the town of Erquinghem-Lys. Continue reading

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Guerre 1914


It is nearly midnight on Christmas Day, and I should probably be fast asleep by now, bearing in mind that they dragged me dahn the pub at 11.30 this morning!  The Missus has done the chauffeuring all day, Morecambe & Wise are Singing in the Rain on the telly, and I thought you needed to see this fascinating postcard that I obtained a couple of months ago.  In order to work it out, here’s what you need to know.  It’s a French postcard, it says Guerre 1914 (not 1915, nor 1916, nor Grande Guerre, just Guerre 1914) at the top, and at the bottom it says ‘German Infantry on the road to’ and then a black oblong, which is pre-printed, not censored. Continue reading

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Happy Christmas One & All

14th-light-division-xmas-1916-2 14th-light-division-xmas-1916-1

I delved into the collection to bring you this Christmas card from exactly one hundred years ago (censored, you will note), featuring a painting of a place we visited on our trip to the Somme earlier in the year, Delville Wood.  To all those of you who have followed our travels this year, thank you for so doing, and to all of you who have gone one step further and posted a comment at some point, I thank you too.

Have a Cool Yule y’all, and an even better 2017.

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