The Weekly Postcard No. 51

Well, am I good to you, or what?  Continue reading

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Things That Lurk In The Shadows No. 1

Or, to give it its full title, ‘Things that lurk in the shadows of the display cabinet that haven’t seen the light of day for a while’.  And no, this is not exactly a mystery item, as you can probably identify what it is, if not its exact specifications.  Continue reading

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The Elverdinge Burial Grounds Part One – Hagle Dump Cemetery

At the end of the previous post we found ourselves here (see inset), if you remember, having just spent some time in Red Farm Military Cemetery, one of the smallest cemeteries in the Salient.  The four tall poplar trees that grow almost alongside Red Farm can be seen here in the background, right of centre of the main picture, and, by the way, in due course we shall be visiting all the cemeteries between there and Ypres (Ieper), three and a half miles further east.  Continue reading

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The Elverdinge Burial Grounds Prelude – Red Farm Military Cemetery

Here’s a little something to ease those post-Daily Postcard blues.  And before any of you get that Groundhog Day feeling, yes, I did indeed publish a post, at the end of last year, all about Red Farm Military Cemetery.  However, much research and some deep delving by yours truly have unearthed so much more to the original story, the result of which is a new Red Farm post, actually considerably shorter than the original.  If you have read it before I seriously suggest a quick run through to refresh your memory, because the next post, which is a lot longer, be warned, and is coming very soon, will make a lot more sense if you do. Continue reading

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The Daily Postcard No. 50

Not the most interesting card, you might think, to begin the final post in this series of Daily Postcards, but when have I ever let you down?  The scene shows civilians in the Grande Place in the centre of Ypres (Ieper) in 1914, the Cloth Hall behind already showing the effects of the first German bombardments of the war. Continue reading

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The Daily Postcard No. 49

Well folks, all things must pass, and as we come to the forty ninth Daily Postcard, this set of three Bamforth cards is the penultimate post in our series.  Perhaps, like the Daily Mail cards we have seen, this will just be Series One, who knows. Continue reading

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The Daily Postcard No. 48

Death would feature on Great War postcards from early in the war. Continue reading

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