Soldat Louis Elich

Following on from last night’s post, allow me to introduce you to Louis Elich, who appears in the 1935-36 volume of the Golden Book (the book was produced between 1933 and 1939 in seven or eight volumes).  When I rattled off yesterday’s post it never occurred to me that I would uncover a photograph of Louis within twenty four hours, and believe me, I have looked in the past, but here he is, a man whom we know, for certain, served in the front line along the Yser.  The symbols along the bottom signify, from left to right; Croix du Guerre with Palm; Victory Medal; 1914-18 Commemorative Medal.  The ‘7 ch. fr.’ on the previous line actually refers to the number of front line stripes he was entitled to, Louis having seven, a not inconsiderable number (each stripe signifying a six month tour) without sustaining a wound, I would have thought.  Interestingly, he doesn’t have, or chose not to receive, the Yser Cross.  The whole Yser Cross saga was actually something of a public relations disaster, and there is a good explanation of why here.

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Yser On Ne Passe Pas!

I could have sworn I had shown you this beautiful little bronze medal years ago, but it appears not, from what I can see. Continue reading

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French Flanders: The Cemeteries on the Lys Part Four – Sailly-sur-la-Lys German Military Cemetery

As we follow the course of the River Lys west we enter the town of Sailly-sur-la-Lys, which straggles its way for some distance along the river’s southern bank.  Continue reading

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Mystery Item #1

What, pray tell, might these be?  Continue reading

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French Flanders: The Cemeteries on the Lys Part Three – Croix-du-Bac British Cemetery

Two and half miles due west of Suffolk Cemetery (La Rolanderie Farm), but now about 400 yards north of the river on the inside of a huge meander, this is Croix-du-Bac British Cemetery, the first cemetery on our tour that we have not visited before. Continue reading

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Austro-Hungarian Hand Grenades of the Great War Part Fourteen – The Lakos Hand Grenade Part Two

At the start of last year I showed you three examples of what are known as Lakos hand grenades, and here are three more examples of Captain Róbert Lakos’ inventions. Continue reading

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Austro-Hungarian Mess Tin Lid Relics

Two Austro-Hungarian Great War mess tin lids, found in Italy, six quid the pair including postage, a few years back.  Continue reading

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