A Tour of Boesinghe Addendum – Goumier Farm Bunker & 38th (Welch) Division Plaque

Goumier Farm Bunker is two thirds of a mile across the fields north east of No Man’s Cot Cemetery, a mile and a half east of the Yser Canal and, technically, still in the commune of Boesinghe, hence its appearance as an addendum to that tour. Continue reading

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German Dispositions at Ledeghem, Summer 1918

As we are looking at maps, and having read Filip’s comment on the previous post, this extract from a map dated 11th September 1918, a month or so before the British would capture the village, shows German dispositions in and around Ledeghem (you will find Ledeghem on the far centre right of the Enemy Dispositions Maps, again in the previous post). Continue reading

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The Road to Passchendaele – Enemy Dispositions Maps

Two maps you will, I think, find of interest.  These are British 1:40,000 scale maps, prepared by army intelligence and issued, stamped confidential, during the last weeks of the Battle of Passchendaele.  They show the progress made so far and, more importantly, information, received from the thousands of prisoners taken, on the German dispositions facing the attacking British.  Passchendaele village is marked on the above map just to the left of 220th Div. Continue reading

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A Tour of Boesinghe Part Twenty Two – No Man’s Cot Cemetery

So this is it folks.  Our final stop. Continue reading

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A Tour of Boesinghe Part Twenty One – Pilkem Demarcation Stone


The penultimate stop on our tour finds us across the fields from the industrial estate, where another of the nineteen Demarcation Stones still to be found on the roadsides of Belgium, this one is sited alongside the Pilkemseweg about a mile and a half north of Ieper (Ypres), and 550 yards south east of Welsh Cemetery (Caesar’s Nose), can be found.
Continue reading

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A Tour of Boesinghe Part Twenty – Welsh Cemetery (Caesar’s Nose)

We’re nearing the end of our Boesinghe tour now, just three posts to go. Continue reading

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A Tour of Boesinghe Part Nineteen – Colne Valley Cemetery (Part Two)

It’s January 2017, and frost covers the ground as we return for a third time to Colne Valley Cemetery.  As you can imagine, I was very much looking forward to another visit to one of my favourite little cemeteries, as much as anything because of the state of the place last time we’d been there. Continue reading

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