The Americans at Brookwood

Having spent an afternoon at Brookwood Military Cemetery the other weekend, the first time I’d been there in a good few years, it won’t surprise you to hear that one of the projects on which I am currently working (alongside the forthcoming Boesinghe Tour, and various other odds and sods), is a return visit to Brookwood, in particular to look at some of the sections of this huge cemetery we didn’t see last time .  The Brookwood American Cemetery is one such area, and it occurred to me that it might get buried within what will be a far larger post when finally completed (and which will also only appear in the Back in Blighty category), so here, in its own right, is a tribute to the Americans buried in Brookwood, men who died in 1918 & 1919, thousands of miles from home on the other side of the pond. Continue reading

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Per Ardua Ad Astra

On 31st August 1917, a young pilot on a training run met his death when his Martinsyde G100 Elephant scout caught fire and broke up in the air before crashing near Hanworth, south west London. Continue reading

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A Tour of Boesinghe Prelude – Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery


If you follow the main road out of Ieper (Ypres) north towards Boezinge (Boesinghe during the Great War), after only a few minutes, Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery comes into view on the right hand side of the road. Continue reading

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Dublin – The Garden of Remembrance

Time for the final set of photos from my Dublin trip late last year. Continue reading

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Etaples Military Cemetery

One of the great things about not reading a tour itinerary properly (or having a lousy memory) is that sometimes you find yourself somewhere you had no idea that you were going to be, and if that happens to be somewhere you had always wanted to be, then so much the better. Continue reading

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Having just returned from a few days r ‘n’ r in pastures old (Essex) and new (Suffolk) – for those of you who read the Back in Blighty posts, new categories for both counties will be appearing in due course – here’s a single photo, for the moment, from the trip.  Not exactly what you would normally expect to find in your local church.  Unless this is your local church, of course.  Anyway, what could it be?  Answers on a post card, etc etc.

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Muslim Burial Ground Peace Garden – Inaugural Commemoration Service 16th July 2017

Last Sunday I was an invited guest at the Inaugural Commemoration Service of the Muslim Burial Ground Peace Garden on Horsell Common, Woking, and there follows a photographic record of the afternoon. Continue reading

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