Wieltje Farm Cemetery

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It seems strange, after more than seven years and over 800 posts, that there are still a handful of cemeteries within a stone’s throw of the Menin Gate, to the east of the City of Ypres (Ieper), that I have yet to show you round, so it’s high time we begin to put that right. Continue reading

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Austro-Hungarian Hand Grenades of the Great War Part Twelve – The Schwere Hand Grenade Part Five

In Part Four of this introduction to Austro-Hungarian hand grenades I showed you a small Schwere hand grenade, very similar to this example.  Continue reading

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Austro-Hungarian Hand Grenades of the Great War Part Eleven – The Schwere Hand Grenade Part Four

Another heavy Schwere hand grenade, this version introduced into the Austro-Hungarian Army during the latter part of the war. Continue reading

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Lankhof Farm Demarcation Stone & Bunkers

The road leads north to Ypres (Ieper), less than two miles ahead of us, but, as with so many places in Flanders, if you keep your eyes peeled, there are things to see on the way.
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Dublin – Mount Jerome Cemetery

Mount Jerome Cemetery covers some 50 acres of land only two miles or so south west of Dublin City centre.  There are thirty five Great War and thirty nine Second World War burials here, the only problem facing me as I arrived – apart from, as ever, time – being where exactly to find them.
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Tweedmouth Cemetery Updated 2018 – The Great War Burials


A remarkable place, Tweedmouth Cemetery.  At least to my eyes.  Although there are only three First World War CWGC headstones to be found here, a close inspection of as many as possible of the other headstones revealed no less than thirty eight other inscriptions to husbands, sons, brothers & nephews killed in action in France, Flanders or further afield.  On none of my other trips around the country have I come across anything like that number, although I suspect there are clear social and economic reasons why this so sadly turned out to be the case, and I have no doubt there are many other places that can boast similar numbers.  Continue reading

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The Easter Rising Part Four – St. Stephen’s Green Park & the Royal College of Surgeons

St. Stephens Green Park, scene of serious fighting during the first days of the Easter Rising.  Continue reading

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