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‘A Tour of Ploegsteert Wood’ & ‘South of Ploegsteert’ Location Map:

View A Tour of Ploegsteert Wood in a larger map

‘A Tour of the Messines Ridge’ Location Map:

View The Battle of Messines in a larger map

Map to accompany The Belgian Sector tour:

Map to accompany the Tour of the Nursery:

The Battle of Fromelles Tour Map:

The Road to Passchendaele Tour Map:

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  1. Mr I Sinclair says:

    While i was looking for information on the London Scottish action on the 31st October 1914 i found your site and i wanted to ask if you were aware of any trench maps which would show the areas in which they fought as i will be going next year to the 100th anniversary trip to Messines.

  2. Magicfingers says:

    I am sure someone out there must have a trench map of the area. Try the Great War Forum. And are you aware of the LinesMan GPS sytsem? Worth checking out, I am told.

  3. william stephen langley says:

    hello, just read your intro. very interesting. thank you regarding the rapport with the Surrey team, I must say, they are very good. I’ve tried a few sites including the Onslow estate on which I think the gun was displayed, the very edge of the grounds. One thought comes to mind, that is the likely hood of it being recorded on postcards at the time of its presentation and as you say the local papers, the Surrey Advertiser would be the best, I shall see what I can do. The air raid on Vickers was the same one of which I saw the tail end. I did collect a few bits from the 110, but alas threw them away some years ago, I was fifteen at the time and have been interested air craft since seeing an airship fly over Mitcham when I was about five. Whilst I was managing the Rand D for Matchbox we made a range of aircraft kits in different colours and to a high spec. What fun,. and being paid at the same time. Bye for now ……….Bill

  4. Magicfingers says:

    Well I’m glad you read my intro Bill. I don’t think many people do!! I do appreciate your reminiscences of days gone by. I often used to go for walks on Kenley Aerdrome, a famous Battle of Britain airfield of course, and for many years lived a stone’s throw away from Croydon Airport, so I also have had an interest in aircraft for many moons.

  5. Steven Oliver says:


    I dont see R. E Farm map listed on your tour map of Ploegsteert Wood & South of Ploegsteert Tour map. It just nearby the north west edge of the area you were visiting.
    I have just visited your Introduction page on your ‘blog’ and so that I can now get familiar with how you set it up. You have all the locations pinned very well. Photos are not attached to those pins or a link to the section where you capture it correct? I simply need to browse through the chapter to find the photos and descriptions correct?

    Well done. I am so far behind you as you had mentioned.

    So tell me on this first tour you did, how may days to do it? Did you stay at local inns…were there any along the roads there or did you have to go back to a city for a room? I am just wondering if I did the visit you did one day, for a few days, the logistics to make it happen.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Well, R.E. Farm is betwixt and between – as I say in the post I could have included it with the Tour of Messines, or perhaps Ploegsteert, but it ended up as a stand-alone post, hence it isn’t on a tour map. And only the cemeteries that are part of a tour are on the tour maps. You will find R.E. Farm and nearby cemeteries under the ‘Wulvergem’ Category, by the way.

      Correct and correct. I think.

      The first tour was done in one long day. All the tours can be achieved in one day provided you have your own transport. I am lucky as I have the family Baldrick to stay with when I visit Flanders, so I cannot advise on accomodation, I’m afraid, but all my Flanders tours are easily reached from Ieper.

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