St. Merryn Church & War Memorial


Early in World War II, the civilian airfield at St. Merryn was requisitioned by the Admiralty and became St. Merryn Fleet Air Arm Station.  The Fleet Air Arm operated from H.M.S. Vulture, as the Station was called, until 1952, when it was re-commissioned as H.M.S. Curlew and used by the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, mainly for ground training, until 1956, when it was finally closed.  Many of the burials in the military plot pictured here are men from the Station who died during those years; you will notice the slight difference between the headstones of those who died during the war and those who died later.









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  1. Gavin Howard says:

    I am trying to find some information on a RN Officer David Baxter Enever killed on 20th April 1953 whilst serving at HMS Curlew Naval Air Station .What happened to him and is there a memorial to him anywhere?

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