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Ypres – Divisional Cemetery

It has to be said that, over these many years now, and twenty five Flanders trips, or however many it is, I have generally been very lucky with the weather. 

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Ypres – Railway Chateau Cemetery

The entrance to Railway Chateau Cemetery, with a long grass pathway beyond, at the end of which I shall be even wetter than I am at the moment. 

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The Topography of the Ypres Salient

Prompted by a comment from one of our newer readers (yes, that’s you, Meester Bond*), a little while back, here’s a topographical map of the Ypres Salient (scale at the bottom, the dates marked across the map referring to progress … Continue reading

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‘The Ieper Fury’ – Ieper War Victims Monument

Aloïs De Beule’s depiction of a dead Belgian soldier, the centrepiece of the Ieper (Ypres)  War Victims Monument.

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Ypres – A Return to Ramparts Cemetery (Lille Gate)

It’s been a good few years now. 

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Ypres, Armistice Day 2018

Lest we forget

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The Menin Gate – The Executed Soldiers & the Crucified Canadian

The Menin Gate.

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