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Mont Kemmel – The Lettenberg Bunkers

Restored British bunkers on the slopes of the Kemmelberg.

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Mont Kemmel Part Twenty One – Loker Demarcation Stone No. 2 & Kemmel Demarcation Stone No. 1

Eleven months ago we began this tour of the Kemmel battlefields by visiting Kemmel Demarcation Stone No. 2, and today, as the sun gets lower in the sky, we shall finish with two more of the Demarcation Stones that ostensibly … Continue reading

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Mont Kemmel Part Twenty – Locre Hospice Cemetery & Loker Hospice

On the outskirts of Loker, which is actually behind us, because the sign is one-sided, and thus we are looking east here, back up the road towards Mont Kemmel on the horizon, there’s a cemetery. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Nineteen – On Mont Kemmel Part Two: The Fight for Locre

View of the Kemmelberg, two miles away to the east, from a ruined Loker.  It’s time we rejoined our French corporal, Jean Parnin, who, when last heard of, had managed to regain the French lines, somewhere around where this photo … Continue reading

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Mont Kemmel Part Eighteen – Loker Churchyard

We’ve seen Loker church before, but only from a distance. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Seventeen – Loker Demarcation Stone No. 1

Way back in the first post of this tour, I mentioned that we would encounter four Demarcation Stones on our travels, and here’s number two. 

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Mont Kemmel Part Sixteen – Locre No.10 Cemetery

Locre No.10 Cemetery can be found about six hundred yards north of our previous stop in Dranouter, and not much further south of the village of Loker, as it is now known. 

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