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The Aubers Ridge Part One – Aubers War Memorial

The rebuilt Aubers church, with the village war memorial on the left. 

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German Hand Grenades of the Great War – The Stielhandgranate M1917

German soldiers pose for the cameraman with their M1917s. 

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German Hand Grenades of the Great War – The Stielhandgranate M1915 & M1916

Time to replace some old, now-deleted, posts about the German Stielhandgranate with this brand-new far superior one.  Well, I think so.  All the collage pictures of grenades within mauve borders in this post are examples – some of which are … Continue reading

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French Flanders: Richebourg Part Three – St. Vaast Post Military Cemetery

The twin entrances to St. Vaast Post Military Cemetery.  This is the third and final part of a short tour of Richebourg in French Flanders, the previous two posts of which can be found here.

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The Legacy of War – The Red Zone

What do you think this is all about? 

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Aldershot Military Cemetery Part Six

Our tour of Aldershot Military Cemetery ends here in Plot AG, at the bottom of the hill that we have explored in some detail over the previous two posts. 

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Aldershot Military Cemetery Part Five

Immediately behind the Cross of Sacrifice, at the top of the hill of headstones we explored last post, is Plot AA. 

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