Interactive Tour Maps

Here you will find tour maps to accompany all of the tours on this site.

How to use these maps:

The pointers on each map show the places visited (not the number of posts in the tour), and a table of the colour codes can be found at the end of this post (hint: CWGC cemeteries are marked with orange pointers). Click on any pointer to bring up a photograph and a link to the relevant post, which will open in a separate browser should you click it.  The link or links after each map will take you to the first post of the tour or tours featured on that map.

Click the symbol top left to bring up a menu of all the sites on each map.  Clicking on any cemetery or memorial in the menu will highlight it on the map, again with an accompanying photo and a link to the post.  Click the symbol top right to open a much bigger version of the map in a separate browser if you wish.  And that’s all you need to know, apart from that the maps begin on the Channel coast and move progressively south through the areas of Belgium and France that I have visited and photographed.


A Tour of the Belgian Sector:

From near the coast at Nieuwpoort to Houthulst Forest, a few miles north of Langemark; much of this sector was inundated in 1914, and defended by the Belgian Army throughout the war.  British troops also fought near the coast in 1917.

A Tour of the Belgian Sector Part One

A Tour of Boesinghe:

The cemeteries and battle sites on either side of the Yser Canal, from Essex Farm, just outside Ypres (Ieper), to Lizerne.

A Tour of Boesinghe Part One

The Road to Langemark & Passchendaele:

The cemeteries that contain casualties from the Battle of Passchendaele, and the memorials to be found in the area.

The Road to Passchendaele Part One

A Tour of Langemark Part One

St. Jean, Potijze & Wieltje:

No tour, but all the individual cemeteries and memorials in the area.

The Menin Road:

Again there is no tour, but these are the sites and cemeteries along, and around, the Menin Road featured on this website.

A Tour of Zillebeke:

The sites and cemeteries around Zillebeke, and superimposed trenches to accompany the single post A Walk in the Palingbeek.

A Tour of Zillebeke Part One

A Tour of the Messines Ridge:

The Battle of Messines, including the six cemeteries around Wulvergem (marked in pink).

A Tour of the Messines Ridge Prologue

A Tour of Ploegsteert Wood:

Not just the sites and cemeteries in and around Ploegsteert Wood, but the cemeteries further south between the wood and the French border.

A Tour of Ploegsteert Wood Part One

South of Ploegsteert Part One

Along the River Lys & the Advance East:

Memorials along the River Lys, and the cemeteries of late 1918 as the war moved east.

Along the River Lys (Leie)

The Advance East


Sites in French Flanders so far featured on this site:

Most of the cemeteries on this map are featured in the three tours below; a few are not, and were published as stand-alone posts.  More cemeteries will be added in due course.

A Tour of the Nursery Part One

The Battle of Fromelles Part One

Armentières, Nieppe & Steenwerck Part One


A few interesting sites in and around Arras.

Travels on the Somme:

What it says.

Colour Codes for theBigNote Google Tour Maps
Albertina Markers Dark Purple
Belgian/French Civil War Memorials Magenta
Belgian Military Cemeteries Dark Orange
Belgian/French Military Memorials Olive Green
British Military Cemeteries Orange
British Military Memorials Light Blue
U.S. Mlitary MemorialsGrey
CratersDark Blue
Demarcation StonesSalmon Pink
French Military CemeteriesPale Orange
German Military CemeteriesTurquoise
Sites & BuildingsLight Green

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