The Nursery Part Eight – X Farm Cemetery

Panorama 1

No let up in the weather, folks.  When we reached X Farm Cemetery, Baldrick declined to vacate the car, and I have to admit that my own excursion was somewhat brief. Continue reading

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The Military Service Act 1916 – One Hundred Years On

074You might not know this, but exactly 100 years ago today, on the 27th January 1916, the British Government passed the Military Service Act, which made all single men between the ages of eighteen and forty one liable to be called up for compulsory military service.  Conscription had begun.

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Valentine Joe Strudwick


This is Essex Farm Cemetery, just to the north of Ieper (Ypres).  It is a famous, and well-visited cemetery, for a number of reasons, not least that it was here that the poet John McCrae penned his ‘In Flanders Fields’ poem,… Continue reading

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The Nursery Part Seven – Desplanque Farm Cemetery


Five hundred yards as the crow flies north east of Ration Farm Military Cemetery, our next stop finds us at Desplanque Farm Cemetery. Continue reading

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The Nursery Part Six – Ration Farm Military Cemetery


A little less than a mile north east of Bois-Grenier, our next stop sees us at Ration Farm Military Cemetery… Continue reading

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Another Little Book


Talking of little books, as we did last time (before I forget, those of you who have read the previous Butte de Warlencourt post will find I have added a couple of documents you might find of interest at the end of that post), here’s another one. Continue reading

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Travels on the Somme – The Butte de Warlencourt


The Butte de Warlencourt from the Albert-Bapaume road. Continue reading

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