Elsegem Churchyard & Roll of Honour

Elsegem is twenty eight miles almost due east of Ypres. Continue reading

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‘Certain severities are indispensable in war, nay, more, the only true humanity very often lies in a ruthless application of them.’

In 1917 two books, entitled ‘The Retreat from Mons’ & ‘The Marne and After’, written by a major in the R.F.A., were published in Great Britain.  It so happens that a few days ago, I decided it was time to re-read both – it had been a long time – and by pure coincidence came across the two short passages, quoted verbatim (including punctuation) in this post, that relate two instances of German atrocities on the civilian population of Belgium & France early in the war – considerably earlier, in fact, than the event I wrote about last post. Continue reading

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Strazeele War Memorial

A fine spring day in May 2022.  We are in Strazeele.  Where is Strazeele, I hear you cry?  Continue reading

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Mouscron – The Carrier Memorial at Risquons-Tout

On 25th May 1940, on the western outskirts of Mouscron, at the little village, at the time, of Risquons-Tout, the 1st Bn. East Surrey Regiment fought a minor defensive battle before continuing the retreat towards Dunkirk.  Continue reading

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Mouscron Communal Cemetery & War Memorial

I see no CWGC sign outside these cemetery gates, so it’s a good job I’d done my research.  Continue reading

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The Wizernes Bunker Complex – La Coupole

So, we have a huge concrete dome structure up on a hill which, whatever its purpose, doesn’t look quite right, does it? Continue reading

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La Plaine Au Bois – The Wormhoudt Massacre

Now, there’s a peaceful, pastoral, scene for you. Continue reading

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