It’s All Very Odd……

I do hope you enjoyed the opportunity for a glimpse at the chaos behind the scenes here at theBigNote.  I refer to the post from earlier today that quite obviously was not intended to be published and, curiously, wasn’t actually published – there are failsafes that are supposed to ensure such things do not occur, and believe it or not, I tend not to publish draft posts – that would be a bit weird.  So I have no idea what occurred, but things being weird, we’ll continue the theme with some forgetful German soldiers,… Continue reading

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Mystery Item #2

Hot on the heels of Mystery Item #1, what might this battered relic be, do you think?  Continue reading

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German Hand Grenades of the Great War Part Seven – The Eierhandgranate Model 1917

A few years ago I published a post about the German egg grenade, or the Eierhandgranate Model 1917, as it was officially known.  Continue reading

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British Military Headstones – Personal Inscriptions No. 5

Time to continue our occasional series of posts featuring some of the personal inscriptions found on British headstones in cemeteries on the Western Front.

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Mediaeval meets Modern – Grenade Throwers & Launchers of the Great War

Small trench mortars, much like grenades, had been around for centuries, and much like grenades, by the early years of the 20th Century, had fallen somewhat out of fashion with modern armies.  Heavy artillery would deal with enemy positions and the machine gun the enemy himself; few foresaw the future of war being that of a trench stalemate, and therefore even fewer saw the need for portable trench mortars.  Continue reading

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German Hand Grenades of the Great War Part Six – The M1915 Diskushandgranate

What’s in the box?  Continue reading

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Any Old Iron – Cutting the Wire

Barbed wire – the bane of the infantryman, no matter his nationality. Continue reading

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