‘A Soldier of the Great War’ – The Headstone of the Unknown Soldier Part Four

The Indian Army, or at least the infantry divisions of the Indian Army, would only see action on the Western Front for a year – from October 1914 to October 1915 – but nonetheless you will still come across the graves of many Indian soldiers, both known and unknown, in the British military cemeteries in France & Flanders, with once again many small variations in the headstones that mark their final resting places.  Continue reading

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‘Known Unto God’ – The Headstone of the Unknown Soldier Part Three

A selection of Scottish, Welsh & Irish headstones this post, beginning with the Scottish regiments, and three unknown men of the Black Watch.  Continue reading

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‘Known unto God’ – The Headstone of the Unknown Soldier Part Two

Across the hundreds of CWGC cemeteries in Flanders and France, among the many thousands of unidentified soldiers buried within, you will frequently come across headstones marking the graves of unknown men – those pictured above from the Notts & Derby Regiment – whose regiments, if not their names, have been identified.  Continue reading

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‘Known unto God’ – The Headstone of the Unknown Soldier

The oh-so-familiar headstone of the unknown soldier.  Continue reading

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Another Website Update

TheBigNote has reached a bit of a milestone today.  When I unleashed this website on an unsuspecting public back in late 2010 I reckoned there might be a few people out there who would find it of interest.  It certainly never crossed my mind that one day – today – we would reach a pretty impressive 400,000 views!  Not bad for a little Great War website, if I say so myself, and all down to you lot, so I thank you all – those who choose to comment and those who don’t alike – hugely for your support.  And also those who have fallen by the wayside on the journey.  The above photo shows Hollandscheshur Farm, site of three of the nineteen mines exploded by the British in the early morning of 7th June 1917 as the Battle of Messines began, the picture taken from the German front line trenches, which pretty much followed the lines of ploughing in the foreground, curving round to the right of the farm, the British front line following the row of trees beyond the green field on the right.  Imagine the view from here as three huge explosions shattered the crest of the nearby ridge no more than five hundred yards away.  It must have seemed like Armageddon.  Mont Kemmel rises in the centre of the picture, with the low-lying hills beyond just visible on the horizon to the right.  These hills were the Germans’ objective in the spring of 1918, and are a bit of a clue as to where we are heading on our next tour.

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Website Update Update

The largest unexploded shell I have encountered on my travels.  And your comments have returned.  Thank you Baldrick.

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Website Update

Hello boys & girls.  You may or may not have noticed, but all your comments have disappeared!  Actually, they haven’t disappeared, but it seems we have a slight glitch since the site was recently updated and the comments are failing to appear.  I can still see them and will be able to see any new ones, but there’s no point in me currently replying as you won’t be able to see my response.  So please bear with me while I sort it out.  Otherwise, we continue as normal.  I thank you.

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