The Belgian Sector Part Two – Nieuwpoort: The Goose Foot

Panorama 6

Beneath the shadow of the Albert Memorial, the complex of locks and sluice gates known as the Ganzenpoot (Goose Foot) was to prove crucial to the Belgian Army’s chances of holding the advancing Germans at bay during the late autumn of 1914. Continue reading

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The Belgian Sector Part One – The Nieuport Memorial


So here’s the plan.  Start near the coast at Nieuwpoort (Nieuport during the war), and follow the approximate route of the front lines south, taking in as many points of interest as we can on the way, as far as the town of Dixmuide, if time allows. Continue reading

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Zillebeke Demarcation Stone


Another of the nineteen Demarcation Stones still to be found in Belgium.  They were erected in the 1920s to either mark the extent of the German advance when it was halted in July 1918, or the point of departure from which the Allies launched the war’s final offensive the following month.  As I have no intention of repeating myself each time we visit one of these stones, you can find more information on them (and other stuff) here: Potijze Demarcation Stone.

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Seasons Greetings


A snowy blanket softens the Hill 60 landscape.  Hope you’re having a cool Yule folks.

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A Heart Needs A Home

Well folks, finally, after eleven and a half months, we’re…


…Home Sweet Home. Continue reading

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Zillebeke – A Walk in the Palingbeek


Parts of the Palingbeek remain relatively unknown, even today, to many visitors to the battlefields of the Great War in Flanders.  Even those who come to pay their respects to the men buried in the British cemeteries on the high ground of the Bluff, to the west of the Palingbeek, are often unaware that, on the other side of the hills to the east, there is much of interest to be found hidden away in the woods. Continue reading

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Tuileries British Cemetery


No more than a couple of hundred yards south of Perth Cemetery (China Wall), in the outskirts of Zillebeke, another British cemetery can be found behind these houses to the west of the road. Continue reading

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