Generations at War

Thoroughly uninteresting postcard (hence the tiny inset) of a tomb in Rouen Cathedral that was awaiting me on my return to Blighty the other day, more than made up for by the note on the back – from serving son to serving father.

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Poperinge Part Five – The Condemned Cell & Execution Courtyard – Updated January 2020

“I could not look on Death, which being known, Men led me to him, blindfold and alone.”  At the start of this tour of Poperinge, I said that we would return to the centre of town in due course, and so here we are. Continue reading

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Weekend Report

A few shots from this weekend’s Flanders excursion.  Continue reading

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New Arrival

I’m very sorry about this.  I don’t normally do this sort of thing. Continue reading

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The Forgotten Men of Wittenberg

Happy New Year all.  I bought myself a Christmas present this year.  Well, I kind of bought all of us a Christmas present this year, because I figured that once this twenty-page booklet, published in 1918, arrived, I’d scan it and share it with you lot. Continue reading

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The Brandhoek Burial Grounds Part One – Red Farm Military Cemetery

This sometime series of posts looking at the cemeteries in and around Brandhoek begins with a visit to by far the smallest, Red Farm Military Cemetery. Continue reading

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Poperinge Part Eight – Talbot House Part Two: The Slessorium

For those of you not with us last post, this is Talbot House, in Poperinge. Continue reading

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