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The Vlamertinge Burial Grounds Part Seven – Vlamertinge Church & War Memorial

The entrance to St. Vedast Church, Vlamertinge, with the village war memorial to the far left of shot. 

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Wervik War Memorial

Well, well, well. 

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Zonnebeke War Memorial

Zonnebeke war memorial, next to the church, right in the centre of town.

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‘The Ieper Fury’ – Ieper War Victims Monument

Aloïs De Beule’s depiction of a dead Belgian soldier, the centrepiece of the Ieper (Ypres)  War Victims Monument.

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Beselare War Memorial

Dying Belgian soldier on the face of Beselare war memorial.

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Mechelen War Memorial

It’s nearing midnight in Mechelen, and thanks to some very kind locals, who didn’t seem in the least perturbed by my nocturnal mission, and despite the racket coming from a couple of deejays working a large stage set up in … Continue reading

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St. Jean War Memorial

The crossroads in the centre of the little village of St. Jean (now Sint-Jan), almost exactly one mile north east of the Menin Gate.

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