Middle Chinnock – St. Margaret’s Church & War Memorial

Middle Chinnock’s somewhat unusual war memorial.

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  1. David Johnson says:

    My 10th great grandfather John Dodge and his wife Margery (Bridges) Dodge are buried in St.Margarets churchyard. In his will dated April 2, 1635 he wrote:

    ohn Dodge of Middlechinnock, 2 April 1635, proved 15 October 1635.
    To be buried in the church yard there. To the church ten shillings. The
    same to the poor of the parish. To the minister, for preaching funeral
    sermon, ten shillings. Wife Margery shall hold and enjoy one tenement
    in the parish of Halstocke, co. Dorset, …………….

    Are there any records indicating where either are buried?

    Thank you so much
    David Johnson
    Columbus, Ohio USA

  2. Magicfingers says:

    The vicar of St. Margaret’s, Peter Thomas, tells me that the oldest remaining headstones are mid-18th century, but as I am going to be down in that neck of the woods at the weekend I shall take a few more photos of the churchyard in any case. Assuming the weather allows.

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