Kingsbridge – St. Edmund’s Church & War Memorial

A couple of winter views:

And back to summer again (but a nicer day than the earlier photos, as you can see).

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2 Responses to Kingsbridge – St. Edmund’s Church & War Memorial

  1. LJE says:

    Please explain about the photo of the headstones that are stacked against each other in rows in the one paragraph. Are they from the cemetery that is connected to the church? Did the headstones fall over at the gravesites and then get placed in these rows? Thank you. It is sad to see them displaced from their gravesites.

  2. Magicfingers says:

    I haven’t got the faintest idea! I just know Kingsbridge from my youth (holidays) and still occasionally pass through, hence these photos. What I can tell you is that a postcard from 1890 clearly shows all the headstones in place, so I doubt that they fell over since then. Edwardian health & safety, perhaps? But, as you say, a great shame. At least they didn’t trash them, which I have seen more than once on my travels.

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