Ruan Major – The ruined Church of St. Rumon

Same place, another time:

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  1. pamela urquhart says:

    Your pictures of Ruan Major are very good – I have been there but only took a quick look around the outside as it’s the spookiest place I’ve ever been!

    • Magicfingers says:

      Thanks Pamela. Sometimes spooky, sometimes simply forlorn. Mind you, not sure I’d like to spend the night there.

  2. fiona hunt says:

    I agree this place has a very strong Spiritual presence, but I find it so peaceful & calm. I visit there quite often & have even been there, or walked by there many times after dark & not felt anything but peace.

    The Stained Glass Window above the Altar is incredibly beautiful & well worth a viewing especially when the sun is at a point where it shines through. Sadly some years ago now youngsters took pot shots at some of the faces in the glass, so some parts are missing.

    There are some terracotta tiles, possibly Victorian still visible, but most under grass & plant life which covers the floor of the church now.

    In the Spring the Altar is a picture, covered in Primroses, the churchyard has Bluebells, Primroses, Cow Parsley, Scarlet Pimpernel, Snowdrops, Pink Campion & more.

    Visitors come from far & wide to visit this little Church, many who have traced their ancestors to here.

    In the Graveyard there is as pictured above a grave stone for 1050666 Corporal C. L. Stone. Royal Air Force. Died 8th March 1947 Age 22.

    If anyone would like any pictures of particular grave stones please leave a comment & I will get back to you. Fiona

  3. Magicfingers says:

    I have no doubt this little church will draw me back again next year when I am back in the area. I like your vision of the place; there are one or two places I know well that I feel similar about.

  4. Paul Johnson says:

    My relative was rector at st ruan,William squire and his son Charlie is buried in the graveyard

  5. Tom Musgreave says:

    Your pictures of St. Rumon are amazing. I came across your photo’s of St. Rumon while searching my wifes family tree. She has relatives buried here. Seeing the old Churches in England where distant family is buried is incredible to me. Living in western Canada it makes one realize how recent the Churches and building are. Thank-you for sharing your photo’s with the world.
    Tom M

  6. Dominic Ó Ceallaigh (Basher) says:

    Lovely shots of this church where many of my ancestors would be buried (mostly in unmarked graves I think). Basher family, one of whom, Alexander Basher, was mentioned in the old Grade guidebook as having kept the records of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Grade/Ruan during the Commonwealth period.
    Have visited Grade and Ruan Minor but missed this one on my visit. Next time!
    Thank you

    • Magicfingers says:

      Yep, worth a visit, certainly, Dominic. I shall be in that area again in the near future – might pay another visit. Thanks for your comment. Appreciated!

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