Plymouth Perambulations

Last Saturday, finding myself with an afternoon to spare on a brief visit to Devon, I decided to head for Plymouth, where three awe-inspiring cemeteries contain very nearly 1500 burials from the First World War, and more than 850 from the Second.

These places are vast…and I mean seriously vast.

First stop was the beautiful Ford Park Cemetery (above & below)…

…followed by Weston Mill Cemetery (above & below)…

…and finally…

…last but by no means least, Efford Cemetery (above & below).

Amazing places all.  And well worth a visit should you find yourself in the area.  If not, never fear.  I shall show you round all three cemeteries, or at least as much as I could fit in to just one afternoon, in due course.  Don’t hold your breath, but do watch this space.

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2 Responses to Plymouth Perambulations

  1. E A Taylor says:

    Great photo’s of War Memorial’s in Plymouth went myself .When your in Somerset next take a look at the new Memorial in the village of Winsham Nr Chard

    • Magicfingers says:

      I shall certainly do so Mr Taylor, sir. Glad you approve of the Plymouth photos. In time there will be plenty more when I get round to uploading them.

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