Dublin – St. Stephen’s Green: Fusiliers’ Arch

Fusiliers’ Arch, at the northern end of St. Stephen’s Green, commemorates the men of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers who died fighting for the British in the Second Boer War at the start of the 20th Century.

Above and below: The names of the dead, inscribed beneath the roof of the arch.

The north eastern side of the Memorial is still spattered with British bullet holes from the Easter Rising in April 1916, as explained elsewhere on this website.

Bullets holes on the western side of the memorial, most likely fired from the Royal College of Surgeons after the Irish Citizen Army evacuated their trenches and fled there on the 25th April 1916.


And finally a new photo, taken in November 2016, just because.  For a complete tour of St. Stephen’s Green itself, and the story of its significance during the Easter Rising, click here.

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