Devoran – Church of St. John and St. Petroc & War Memorial

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  1. Mark Norris says:

    Beautifully photographed Devoran War Memorial shots.
    I have put a link to your site on my Devoranwarmemorial blog.
    I have done basic biographies (which I will add to over time) for each of the Devoran WW1 and WW2 casualties on a rough blog

  2. Magicfingers says:

    That looks like a good project to me, Mark. I will have a proper look around when I get back from an impending, like tomorrow morning, non-military trip abroad. Thanks for adding the link.

  3. Phil Trevarton says:

    I am the great nephew of J Bilkey (my grandmothers brother – the late Violet Dunstan of Hugus). I have a photo RJ (Jack) Bilkey if you would like an electronic copy forwarded to you please forward an e-mail address. I was pleased to see the notes contained in the Devoran War Memorial, I never knew he was buried in Egypt. A little family history related to Uncle Jack exists, family legend says he was the first man to volunteer at a recruitment drive at Camborne.

    • Mark Norris says:

      Thanks for your email and the family snippets – we will keep adding information to each casualty biography as records become available. We would be delighted to have a photograph for the blog and the Devoran War memorial project as we are trying to put a face to each name on the memorial over the next five anniversary years. You can contact me at newquayzooed which is [at] Hotmail [dot] com, one of the home base contacts for my other wartime project the World War Zoo gardens project at Newquay Zoo. If this is difficult, contact me again via these comments or the website.
      All photos will be duly credited to the family / sender – I have seen a ‘faded’ photocopy of a picture of R.J. (nice to know his family nickname Jack) Bilkey in Tony Dyson’s 2007 folder of research held in Devoran Church. Many thanks Mark Norris on behalf of the project team.

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