Dublin – British Army Recruiting Office


What was once the home of the Dublin Fire Brigade… 


…has in recent times become part of the Trinity Capital Hotel on Great Brunswick Street.


Further down the street, but still part of the hotel, we come to a building that was once the British Army Recruiting Office in Dublin.  During the First World War some 300,000 Irish men and women volunteered to serve in the British Army, and many of them would have passed through the red door in the picture above to take the King’s shilling (see also picture below).

Army Recruiting Ofice


This is the same street, incidentally, in which Padraig Pearse, rebel leader during the 1916 Easter Rising, was born; the house, to the far right of the photo above, still stands as a historic memorial.


Just imagine – these corridors within the hotel would have been thronged with British Army officers and newly recruited men during the years of the First World War.





Trinity Capital Hotel Panorama

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