St. Gluvias with Penryn War Memorial













There are five World War I casualties buried in St. Gluvias Church Cemetery, but I was unaware of this fact, or indeed the existence of the cemetery, which is some distance from the church, until after my visit.  Another time, I hope.  There are no war casualties in the churchyard, but there are a couple of unusual gravestones:







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  1. Kath Atkin says:

    Oops! It’s St. Gluvias, Mf 🙂
    Thanks as ever for the pictures.
    I went there with my husband some years ago, when I was tracking down the War Memorials where men lost on HMT royal Edward were commemorated.
    The Vicar was very helpful.
    Pte. R.S.Pellow is remembered also on his family’s headstone.

  2. Magicfingers says:


  3. Magicfingers says:

    For future reference Kath, is Private Pellow’s family headstone in the churchyard or church cemetery?

  4. Ash Phillips says:

    Interesting. I’ve been researching the names on the St.Gluvias Memorial for over a year now and I’m in Cornwall at the moment to find out more information.
    Late last Friday I was also looking through the graveyard amongst heavy showers with no luck in finding any information. However, with the help of a very kind member of the church, I managed to find the grave references of five of the WW1 soldiers buried at St.Gluvias (they are not same as those quoted on the CWGC website). They are all in the cemetery.
    Early this morning I searched the cemetery and found four of the five CWGC headstones (I could pinpoint the location of the missing headstone but it just wasn’t there). I found another soldier mentioned on the memorial although his headstone is not the CWGC type, but a family headstone.
    I also found another CGWC headstone from WW2 which I’ll need to check in more detail.

  5. Magicfingers says:

    Interesting indeed Ash. Fyi, the pictures above were all taken on 25th June this year. I hope to return there later in the year so anything that you have that will help me find the graves (and memorials) in the cemetery so that I can photograph them would be much appreciated. If I’m not imposing.

    Mind you, I’m not so sure you’ve had such good weather as I had a couple of weeks ago?!!

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