Travels on the Somme Part Six – Auchonvillers War Memorial


The British first arrived on the Somme in the summer of 1915, taking over from the French who had held this sector since the start of trench warfare in the latter months of the previous year.  The village of Auchonvillers, ‘Ocean Villas’ as it was referred to, was just behind the British lines, and by the end of 1916 had been virtually destroyed.


We shall visit Auchonvillers again, at a later date*, but for now, as we pass through, a brief pause at the village war memorial,…

*use the Search Box should you wish to find two later posts about Auchonvillers.


…which remembers both military and civilian dead of the village during the First World War, will have to suffice.


Peaceful and deserted now, but how many pairs of British boots tramped these streets to the front line during those four long months of battle?  And how many never returned?

Anyway, we have more of the Beaumont-Hamel battlefield to explore.  Click here for Travels on the Somme Part Seven.

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