Another Afternoon in Flanders Fields


So, down into France today.  It started like this…


…and it ended like this.  With some of this in between:





And later, some of this:



It’s 2.00 a.m.  He’s long given up.  Honestly.  These amateurs.  And it’s just turned my birthday!!

Good night.

From top: Pont-de-Nieppe Communal Cemetery, Anzac Cemetery, Pont-de-Nieppe German Cemetery, Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerk War Memorial, Le Grand Beaumont British Cemetery.


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7 Responses to Another Afternoon in Flanders Fields

  1. Sid from Downunder says:

    Happy Birthday! Sunnies (aka dark glasses) at 2:00am? Ah, going for the suave look are we or is the camera flash too bright for eyes subjected to excessive but justifiable (of course) celebratory imbibing?

  2. Filip says:

    Now I understand the ‘Flanders Fields’ in the title: celebrating your birthday in France with Belgian beer. Cheers!

  3. Mrs Baldrick says:

    Happy birthday Martin!
    Here’s to you hopefully wearing your new scarf properly as of now 🙂

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