Klerken War Memorial


While we’re in the area, this is the small town of Klerken (Clercken, as was), situated about three miles north west of Houthulst Forest, half way between Houthulst itself and the town of Diksmuide, where we paid a visit a while back.


And as we were passing through…


…it would have been remiss of us not to stop and pay our respects at the war memorial that stands outside the church.


The names of both civilians, and men from the town who fell in battle, are inscribed on either side of the memorial…



…with five Second World War casualties added at the bottom on this side.



Why Baldrick always finds it so amusing when I snap away at Flemish plaques having no idea (so he thinks) what they say, I have no idea…


…but this gentleman was the Pastor in Klerken throughout the Great War, and, as such, this plaque to his memory has every reason to be included in this post.


Remarkably clean car, Baldrick.  Which proves that I don’t drag you down muddy tracks and across half-flooded fields on every trip.


Next, back to French Flanders, where we visit the dead of the Battle of Fromelles.

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