The Road to Passchendaele – Enemy Dispositions Maps

Two maps you will, I think, find of interest.  These are British 1:40,000 scale maps, prepared by army intelligence and issued, stamped confidential, during the last weeks of the Battle of Passchendaele.  They show the progress made so far and, more importantly, information, received from the thousands of prisoners taken, on the German dispositions facing the attacking British.  Passchendaele village is marked on the above map just to the left of 220th Div.

This second map was issued a fortnight later, the day following the Canadian seizure of Crest Farm on the approach to the village.  Click either map to enlarge.  Always click to enlarge.

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  1. Filip Jacques says:

    As I live in Ledegem (or Ledeghem as it was called during WWI), I’ve always been interested in what units, regiments or divisions were stationed in my town during the war. I now see that within two weeks, we could be in another ‘Gruppe’, occupied by another division… very interesting maps, indeed!

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