Dublin, March 2018

Well, that was fun.  With the ‘Beast from the East’ still lingering across parts of Ireland – had we arranged to go just a few days earlier, well, we simply wouldn’t have been able to go – yours truly was once again blessed with three days of frankly delightful weather, very cold, snow still on the ground in places, but crisp and clear and perfect for photography.

Which allowed me to complete my photo-story of the Easter Rising by visiting the scene where the final act was played out, as well as hunting for Great War casualties in the two Dublin cemeteries I had yet to visit; Mount Jerome, a cemetery with over 300,000 burials, where I had the most extraordinary luck, after more than three hours, and with almost the last headstone I looked at, more of which later,…

…and Dean’s Grange, equally huge (I could have taken a similar photo in whichever direction I pointed the camera), and not for the fainthearted, where again I found much to ponder on, including two of the civilian casualties of the Rising, not easy to find among the tens of thousands of headstones covering some 70 acres of land!

At this point Baldrick is thanking his Gods that he wasn’t with me, but once again Declan came to the rescue and took on the role with great aplomb (thanks for the wining and dining too, my friend), so hopefully you lot will find something to interest you in the posts that will follow at some point.  And for those of you who did find the previous Ireland posts of interest, a number of them will be updated over the next few months, with new photos added, in particular the St. Stephen’s Green post, which will have a complete makeover.

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  1. Morag Sutherland says:

    Looking forward to reading all about your visit

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