Brand New ‘Interactive Tour Maps’ Section

It has always seemed like a sensible move to, at some point, feature a proper Tour Maps section on this site, with Google maps of all the tours, a photograph of each location, and links from every location on the maps to the relevant post on this site.  And at long last, there is!  I mention it because if you fancy taking a look and letting me know if it all makes sense and works okay, I would appreciate it greatly.  The link to the new section can be found beneath the banner heading (above).  The photograph is just an excuse to show the closest I have ever come to the elusive Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, just outside Longueval on the Somme.

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  1. Morag Lindsay Sutherland says:

    I have a local man William Cameron who was exhumed as his body was found at 57.c.S.3.c.2.8 and then re buried in this elusive cemetery 7 Dec 1920 in plot XVI row F grave 25 – can you please let me know from where he was exhumed? the CWGC records only show the reburial – thank you

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