From the Men of 29th Division……

This understated 1918 Christmas card from the collection perhaps reflects the mixed emotions felt as the first peacetime Christmas for five years approached.

29th Division, which first saw action at the start of the Gallipoli campaign in 1915 and would fight on the Western Front from 1916 onwards, ended the war with a casualty list amounting to some 94,000 men.

Happy Christmas, one and all, from here at BigNote Towers.

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7 Responses to From the Men of 29th Division……

  1. Sid from Down Under says:

    And a reciprocal Cheery Christmas to Magicfingers and all his readers

    Thank you MJS for a wonderful year of Posts …. we look forward to more in 2019

  2. Nigel Shuttleworth says:

    And a very Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to you MJS

  3. Morag Sutherland says:

    A happy Christmas to you too. Thanks for all you do to explain the battlefields
    Did you get digital Chinese invitation? If not o can resend….

  4. Nick kilner says:

    A very merry Christmas to you. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

  5. Chris says:

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2019 to you too!

    Looking forward to read your stories next year!

  6. Daisy says:

    I hope everybody had a great Christmas. I’m ‘Down Under’ in Melbourne and about to start a heatwave for the next 5 days with temperatures up towards 40c degrees! Christmas holidays in Australia!

    I’m a newcomer to the posts but love the work. So much wonderful information. Looking forward to 2019 stories…

    I have worked out the photos of my unknown relative I sent belong to Gun 3, Sub Division ‘D’, 26 Company, Western District Royal Artillery. My relative is a ‘Bombardier’ and in 1897 they were in Cape Town but left for Mauritius in December. Anybody having more information I would appreciate receiving it… particularly about being in Mauritius?

    Thank you Magicfingers.

  7. Magicfingers says:

    Cheers all!! Sneak preview of 2019 coming up……

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