Great Bromley War Memorial

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  1. IainB says:

    Lovely photos, I guess you took them while visiting St Osyth. I’m past there a couple of times a week on my bike, if you go down the lane to the side of the church you end up at Little Bromley where there’s a memorial with about ten names on it at a road junction and only a couple of houses nearby which I always find a bit poignant. On a slightly different tack, you probably know this but the mast (now used by the emergency services) just outside the village is the sole remaining one from the WW2 Chain Home radar station, if you go through the lane towards the mast the concrete bases for the others are still visible along with the gate house and a couple of other buildings, unfortunately the underground control rooms had a huge prefabricated barn built over them about ten years ago! A pity there’s not even a plaque to tell of the important part the place played in the Battle of Britain and later bombing offensive

    • Magicfingers says:

      Thanks Iain. Yep, taken on the St.Osyth trip – there are some other places I visited which will appear at some point. No, I didn’t know about the radar station, or if I did I have long forgotten. Interesting. Thanks – I’m with you – someone needs to sort out that plaque.

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