Ardleigh War Memorial & St. Mary’s Church

Ada, Pamela & Rosemary.  There was a four-part series on the telly last year that traced the history and impact of four individual bombs dropped by the Luftwaffe – one wonders whether one could similarly trace the V-1 that demolished a row of houses in Ardleigh and wiped out much of the Cheeseman family on 30th September 1944.  Wilfred Jaggard, also killed by a V-1 on 27th September, had already lost two grandsons; one, Albert, in Egypt in 1942, the other, Arthur, on 23rd August 1944 in the Far East (he has no known place of burial and is remembered on the Singapore Memorial in Kranji War Cemetery).  The dates of the two V-1s are very close, but both dates do appear to be confirmed.


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  1. Geoffrey Gillon says:

    Actually, he was Wilfred and I believe he was the grandfather, not father.

    Died 27/09/1944
    He was 70 and was killed by enemy action [V-1 Flying Bomb] at his home, Thatched Cottages, Harwich Road, Ardleigh. He was the son of the late Sarah Ann Jaggard; husband of the late Mary Jaggard. He lost two grandsons to WWII; they were Albert Nathan Jaggard [Find A Grave Memorial 56150786] and Arthur John Jaggard.[ Find A Grave Memorial 56220911]

    • Magicfingers says:

      There is a rule, and it’s a very good rule, that I set myself years back, which is basically ‘don’t write tosh’, and it seems I have broken it on this one. On this occasion, having seen a report of the V-1. strike on 30th September, I added two and two and got five. Logical that all died in the same strike, logical that Albert & Arthur were sons of Wilfred (where exactly William came from, I have no idea, nor excuses), but, it seems, not correct. Perhaps I should leave civilian casualties well alone – anyway, many of you are much better at civilian research than I am!!

      Will try to do better. Post updated. Thanks for putting me right Geoffrey.

  2. Steve Oliver says:

    Get rid of those bloody hedges around the monument. They are 10 x overgrown

  3. margaret draycott says:

    Was a really interesting series a fascinating exercise. Yes and we mustn’t forget how much civilians suffered so many tragic stories behind the names. Sorry but on a lighter note the memorial plaque in the church did you notice there is a partridge next to a pear tree. I know sorry frivolous but amused me.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. No, I didn’t spot it! As if I’d have let that one go if I had!! Why didn’t I see that?!!!!!!!

      • Magicfingers says:

        Now I’ll have to go through hundreds of other Rolls of Honour to spot similar ones………….no, no, no, no, no, that is another route to madness. I shall assume you would have spotted them for me.

  4. IainB says:

    Hi MF

    If you (or anyone else reading this!) is in North Essex / Suffolk area the link below may be of interest, basically the paintings of Canadian forces by Sir Alfred Munnings are on display at his former home in Dedham, first time since 1919 apparently. They also have an excellent tea room!

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hi IainB. First, I like being referred to as MF. Takes me back twenty something years to my early internet days (when this was a Frank Zappa website!!), and people from those days still refer to me as MF. Second, our ‘gang’ in the 70s – hippie gang, I hasten to add – had an IanB (different spelling), to distinguish, there being two Ians. Third: Thanks for the Munnings link – he was quite good, wasn’t he? And fourth, can you arrange for the hedge to be removed, please. I think that’s all.

  5. Kate stamford says:

    Hi have you got any information on Frank Starling and Alfred George Starling both died in the First World War

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