Nethy Bridge War Memorial

A most curious place for a war memorial, you might think.

And you might be right.

I did tell this gentleman that in due course his picture would find its way to all parts of the globe, but whether he sinks the putt is known only to him and me.

The memorial from the road as we head off elsewhere.

Any ‘Springwatch’ viewers among you might like to know that this is the local war memorial to where the series that ended this very evening is broadcast from.

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2 Responses to Nethy Bridge War Memorial

  1. Daisy says:

    G’day Magicfingers,

    Interesting to see 4 men from Abernathy parish enlisted in the AIF.

    Many surnames from WW1 matched the names on the 2nd World War memorial.

    Hope you and Baldrick didn’t do any ‘Sledging’ of each other while on the Golf Course.


    • Magicfingers says:

      Morning Daisy. You will understand that it is impossible for me to look into names on individual war memorials because a) time limitations, and b) many communities across the country have done their own research on their local war memorials over the past few years, so no point in me doing the same work. So you have looked at the names closer than I have – interesting about the four AIF men – I did recently mention in a post that 20% of the AIF were born over here, and presumably these men are four of them.

      Baldrick & I are continually sledging – each other, everyone else – but he doesn’t understand cricket, nor sandpaper references (heh heh. Sorry!)

      Found this a few minutes ago:

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