The Daily Postcard No. 46

Another Daily Mail postcard, again showing men under fire, and again a striking image. 

And a colour variation of the same card (reverse below).  As with the previous Daily Mail cards we have seen, I am quite sure this is indeed a real photograph taken under fire; always consider the position of the photographer when deciding what you believe may be real and what may not, and this photographer has clearly set up his camera behind cover.

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5 Responses to The Daily Postcard No. 46

  1. Nick Kilner says:

    Superb! And I agree entirely about the authenticity of the situation. In addition to the location of the photographer, there is a great deal of detritus scattered around. Staged photographs tend to be in areas that have been cleared or taken on training grounds, where you don’t get that.
    I bet the photographer took their names down once they got to him too, wouldn’t it be nice to find a record of that!

    • Magicfingers says:

      Absolutely right. Afa the names are concerned, well, yes, but I cannot believe someone hasn’t tried already.

      • Nick Kilner says:

        I think there can be little doubt that a good many have. It’s just rather infuriating to think that somewhere, probably collecting dust in a cardboard box in the corner of an attic, is a small notebook….

  2. Margaret Draycott says:

    A very moving scene again on these daily mail cards, the fact there factual brings it home all the more. Untold acts of bravery happening all the time hope they made it. How brave are these war correspondents.
    Agree on other points loft clearances turn up so much stuff that’s lain forgotten for many a year, there was one on Twitter the other week a nephew had found a box of personal effects from a young man killed in ww1, his mother couldn’t bare to look at them and had put them in the loft.

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