St. Blazey War Memorial


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  1. Private CARPENTER, RICHARD SS/33909
    18th Labour Coy.A. S. C.

    Died 13/08/1915 when HMT Royal Edward was torpedoed in the Aegean Sea.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Thank you! One of ‘your’ boys, Kathryn. Can I urge anyone who reads this to click on Kathryn’s name to find out more about the fate of R.M.S. Royal Edward.

    • Nick Kilner says:

      Ive just been looking at your site on the Royal Edward. Really excellent, I knew nothing of it until tonight.

  2. Annie J. says:

    In upcoming posts, would it be possible to include the names of the countries in which the photos are taken? Many of the place names are not familiar to us, in Europe as well as in the U.K. Thank you! Your site is amazing. Congratulations!

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hello Annie J. Thanks first of all for your kind comments – I am glad you are enjoying the site. I take your point on countries and I will consider what might be done. In the meantime, fyi, the bulk of the main posts feature Great War cemeteries in Belgium, and when we visit France I always say so. Other than the Irish section of the site, 99% of the other war memorial posts such as this one are categorised under the U.K. county in which they are sited (you will see this at the very end of the post, beneath the Facebook etc logos and before the comments). Hope that helps for the moment.

  3. Nick Kilner says:

    I do love these old Cornish churches. Just splendid. Fabulous old tomb too.
    Looks like they started to run out of room for names on the plaques, which is rather a depressing thought. Either that or for some reason they were late additions.
    I’ve certainly passed through St. Blazey on many an occasion, (usually bound for Charlestown and Mevagissy) but never stopped so thank you for this.

  4. Margaret Draycott says:

    Just read your post Kathryn, thanks M for suggesting, such a huge loss of life, we don’t think of these as much as we do the slaughter on the battlefields.

  5. Joseph Orgar says:

    Hi Magic Fingers

    Had a look at some of the names on this, and like a lot of war memorial you end up with some questions.

    However this name and story must be interesting:
    Private Arthur Charles Brenton
    Died 18/10/16
    32 years

    Son of Tom and Ellen Brenton
    St Blazey

    Now the interest point:
    1st Regiment South African Infantry

    On Thiepval


    • Magicfingers says:

      Joe, do we have any idea what the 1st Regiment South African Infantry were doing in late 1916? A cursory search revealed not a lot.

  6. Joseph Orgar says:

    Hi Magic Fingers

    Found this on a South African website.

    They are at the Butte de warlancourt

    “C” Coy

    Date of Death:


    Missing in action. On the 18th October 1916, at 3.40 am, three companies of the 1st S.A.I. attacked Snag and Tail Trenches. The B Coy failed to realize that they had reached Snag Trench and continued beyond it. They had lost touch with their flanks and only some men succeeded to come back. Only a block was established at 50 metres of The Pimple. The D Company launched an attack at 5.45 pm and Snag Trench was occupied but the machine-gun fire from the Butte de Warlencourt took a heavy toll, leaving a small group in the trench.


    Son of Tom and Ellen Brenton, of “Wilmar”, Station Rd., St. Blazey.




  7. Margaret Draycott says:

    What a fascinating thread this has been Thankyou Joe for the research

  8. Looking at this thread again, I realised I copied Richard CARPENTER’s service no. from the CWGC.
    It should be:
    SS 13909

  9. I’ve informed the CWGC.

    Do you like their changed website?

    • Magicfingers says:

      Oh Gawd, don’t start me. When I first started using the CWGC website twenty years ago or whatever, it was a fairly decent site that did basically what was required. When they changed it ten years ago, a number of useful tools had been removed. This newest version of the website is truly appalling. There has clearly been no user feedback or users involved in its development, and it is almost not fit for purpose; thank heavens for Geoff’s Search Engine, and how ironic that I have to go to a different site to access stuff that should be the domain of the CWGC! How about a petition????

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