Aviemore & Rothiemurchus War Memorial

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  1. Daisy in Indonesia says:

    Good work Magicfingers,

    Those pot things on each corner meant to have flowers or some kind of plant inside?They are a pretty ugly eyesore really!


  2. John Grierson says:

    The baskets and flowers are maintained by the Legion Scotland Aviemore and Rothiemurchus Club and flowers are supplied by Highland Council. This year, due to the Covid 19 lockdown, the Highland Council closed their plant nursery, as did all other independent plant nurseries, so plants were not available. The local community company which puts on the Aviemore floral display of some 130 hanging baskets and 14 large tubs were also unable to do their usual display.
    I do note from the photograph that apart from no flowers, the memorial site is neat and tidy and well maintained. The Legion Scotland Aviemore and Rothiemurchus Club and the local community puts in a lot of effort to ensure the memorial is neat and tidy and it is unfortunate that such unfounded criticism is made on the basis of one photograph.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Fair comment John. I have no doubt much effort is put in to maintaining the memorial. As you say, all is smart and tidy – actually these pictures were taken last year, so the lack of flowers was not down to Covid. And fyi, I had a fabulous time in your neck of the woods – many many years since I had last been there.

  3. John Grierson says:

    We find in Aviemore that there is no point putting flowers in the baskets until the end of May at the earliest as we are subject to hard frosts, often into June. We have already had hard frosts this autumn and there has been snow in the nearby hills. The photographs appear to show trees coming into leaf and I can’t see any of our hanging baskets, suggesting that it is early in the year and therefore before any planting would be done. It might interest you to know that, over the last two years, the Legion has received awards for the war memorial.
    I’m glad to see you had a good time when you were here. You shouldn’t leave it so long before you come back.

    • Magicfingers says:

      Good detective work – the photos are from April last year. And I intend returning – mind you, Osprey is now ticked off the ‘must see’ list. What a treat! Many years ago I spent a whole day in a hide looking for Ospreys – nothing. This time, walking the banks of the loch – and there he was, especially for me!! Well, it seemed like it! Fabulous and unforgettable.

  4. Patrick Mackintosh Gillespie says:

    Duncan Mackintosh was my Dad’s uncle. He was killed at the Battle of Loos, October 1, 1915. He has no known grave. I have visited the Loos Memorial at Dud Corner Cemetery twice.

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