Virtual Tour & Extra Headstone (snappy title eh?)

For anyone who might find it of interest, which is all of you, on Wednesday 11th November a friend of mine is leading an online virtual tour of the war memorials around the Whitehall area of London.  It should be very interesting, only costs a few quid (she needs the money, bless her), and you can find full details here.  It also gives me an excuse…

…to show you this headstone (far right of the first photo), which doesn’t really fit into any of the ‘Known unto God’ posts we are currently looking at, and, well, make of it what you will.

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12 Responses to Virtual Tour & Extra Headstone (snappy title eh?)

  1. sendergreen says:

    “Snappy title eh?”


    Has your wife found your secret stash of maple syrup yet ? Is your butcher befuddled by your requests for back bacon? Are you checking Real Estate listings in Sudbury Ontario online late night ?

  2. Glenn Kerr says:

    First of all thank you very much for your remarkable postings. All are excellent.
    I am curious where this site is?

  3. nicholas Kilner says:

    Sounds great, count me in. I’m still waiting for Jonesy to invite me on one of his bomb tours of London (might be quite some time now).
    That is a very curious headstone indeed! where is it?

  4. sendergreen says:

    Where is this unusual headstone located ?
    I’d like to see if there is a CWGC listing, and if there are any details there?

  5. Jen Pedler says:

    Thanks for the mention, Martin – and I’ve finally got round to browsing your website – excellent!
    Yes, it’s a hard time for tour guides at the moment! This is a tour I’ve quite often led on the street but this year the you know what has intervened so I’ve prepared a virtual version instead. Look forward to seeing you there.

    • Nick Kilner says:

      Very sorry to have missed this Jen, I have no doubt it was superb. I really can’t believe I managed to miss it! Hopefully I can join you for a future tour.

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