Inverness – The Highland Railway Company Roll of Honour

On the wall of what is now the domain of a purveyor of kilts, just outside the entrance to Inverness railway station, in the same little square where we looked at the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders memorial last post, there’s a Roll of Honour.

The Highland Railway Company, despite being one of the smaller British railway companies prior to the Railways Act of 1921, did have one crucial wartime assignment, being responsible for servicing the Royal Navy base at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys, which, as you can imagine, required huge quantities of provisions and materiel throughout the war.

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6 Responses to Inverness – The Highland Railway Company Roll of Honour

  1. Morag Lindsay Sutherland says:

    another one I have walked past- I am ashamed of myself – and my dad was at Scapa in the second war-

  2. JOHN GILL says:

    No officers?

  3. Alan Bond says:

    Good to see that still has a connection to Highlands and has not become the local Costa Coffee or Burgerking.

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