Mystery Item No. 2

Hot on the heels of Mystery Item #1, what might this battered relic be, do you think? 

You think this side’s going to help?  All I will tell you is that its diameter is four and a half inches, there’s a bit missing, and a bit broken.  That’s it.  And what do you mean Mystery Item #1 was in April 2019?  Oh, so it was.  Time flies (You can’t.  They go too fast……think about it……).

Right, I’m off for a week’s r’n’r.  See ya’ll soon.

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4 Responses to Mystery Item No. 2

  1. Alan says:

    No idea steel or maybe cast iron something copper based inside the ring as what seems to be traces of verdigris there.

  2. Nick Kilner says:

    The base for a lamp of some description? Albeit a very small one. A burner perhaps?
    Hope you have a really good break

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