Ore War Memorial

One hundred and forty three names, to save you counting, including eight late additions at the bottom.


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4 Responses to Ore War Memorial

  1. Daisy in Melbourne Australia says:

    Hey Magicfingers,

    Looks like a bleak kind of day in Ore Village,

    Too many blokes with the same surname. Some families would have been decimated.

    Daisy in Australia

    • Magicfingers says:

      Hi Daisy. I was quite surprised by the numbers on the memorial, actually, but then this area would have been far from salubrious a hundred years ago – with due respect, I make no comment on the place today – and work probably difficult to come by. Because all but two, I think, of the English Pals battalions were from the north of England and the Pals battalions have had major coverage in the last thirty years (dozens of books), people forget that in certain other areas that had high unemployment, the army was a way out, and not all these areas by any means were in the north.
      And yes, it was all a bit grey………

  2. sendergreen says:

    Having never heard the town’s name before, of course I had to find the town, and the Cenotaph on Google Earth. It is a simple and good memorial.

    Then I toured the town a bit. I’m in a relatively flat area, so I’m intrigued by the small streets branching off going up and down at steep angles. Yet I didn’t see any jeeps or their UK equivalents? I also like to find a British Legion in the towns where you profile the cenotaphs. Not one nearby it seems.

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