Great War Postcards No. 62

‘The Lucky Charm of the Allies.’ 

‘We shall fight until we win.’

And the reverse, from Delphine to Jessie, bless ’em both.  ‘Good a happy year.’  You too, Delph.

‘Holy Alliance’…

…and there being, apparently, no rules on how many holy alliances you can have, here’s another.

‘Brothers and comrades, let’s swear on this Bible to wash away the defilement, or serve as a target.’  Is that brothers, comrades and priests?

‘The united neutrals, under our protection, will become free nations forever.’

‘The Allies salute Italy and her king, Victor-Emmanuel.’  ‘For the work of justice and freedom let us all be united against the barbarians.’

And to finish, a strange amalgamation of photography, artwork, colour & text.

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